Hello Cavoodle! eBook

For every Cavoodle lover!

Save time and money with our guide to buying your first Cavoodle

Tips and Tricks from Australia's leading dog breeders!

Cavoodles can be expensive. When you're deciding on what type you're after, you'll want to know if the breeder has raised them well as puppies.

You're also going to want to know how to take care of them and what to look out for!

In our eBook we cover all topics surrounding unique Cavoodle living conditions and the signs to look out for between breeders across Australia, so you don't have to fret about finding the perfect bundle of joy for your household!

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What this book contains

  • Knowing the right price to pay from a breeder
  • How to take care of a puppy Cavoodle and avoid pesky medical bills
  • Keeping your Cavoodle in perfect health
  • Tips for leaving your Cavoodle safe at home
  • Unique tips for small home owners and renters
  • Spotting a good Cavoodle breeder in Australia
  • Colour choices - showing you the options & helping you choose
  • Plus many more need-to-know Cavoodle facts

The BEST Cavoodle eBook in Australia! Trusted by over 500+ happy customers!

eBook Reviews

Absolutely loved this informative guide to buying your first cavoodle. We have a one year old cavoodle and it would have been so helpful to have all the information in one place before purchasing. Guide is very accurate to all things we have learnt over our first year with him. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering adding this beautiful breed to their family.

Trent N & Danni K

Thanks for this excellent resource for first time cavoodle owners. I've been looking at getting a Cavoodle for a little while now and this guide was comprehensive but without the fluff. It covered all my important questions and even important tips for things I hadn't considered. I'd recommend it to anyone considering adding a furry friend to their family :)

Simon W

The team at Hello Cavoodle! have made an excellent book full of tips and important information, essential for anyone wanting a fabulous, furry cavoodle friend to join their family.

Michelle M

I purchased it for a friends birthday....
.... thank you so much!

Natalie W

$39 AUD (Normally $47)
100% Safe & Secure

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this eBook for?

Are you Aussie? Are you interested in Cavoodles? If you answered 'Yes' to either of these then THIS is for you! 😃

How long does it take for my eBook to arrive?

We will send it to you almost instantly after purchase!

What if I already have a pet Cavoodle?

That's fine, this eBook is still highly relevant to you with many unique facts and tips for making your Cavoodle more obedient.

What format will I receive the eBook in?

We deliver our eBook in PDF file format, so you can read it anywhere, on any device.

How many pages is the eBook?

Our eBook contains over 45 pages of useful information for you 👌

Can I print my copy of the eBook?

Yes, of course.

$39 AUD (Normally $47)
100% Safe & Secure