Cavoodle Colours – Which is Best for You?

If you’ve just decided to get a Cavoodle (also known as a Cavapoo) for you and your family, it’s good to start thinking about which Cavoodle colour would be the best match for all of you.

Cavoodle breeders would usually agree that this special breed has around 6 to 10 possible colour combinations available from this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Poodle hybrid.

Let’s discuss the most popular colours down to the most unique ones.

Cavoodle Colors / Markings

It is useful to know about some Cavoodle colour namings and types before we get into the main colors you will see.

  • Parti – 50% white (or more) and one other color
  • Tri – three distinct colors
  • Open marked – lots of white with patches of color
  • Ticked – mostly white with speckles of color
  • Solid – one single color
  • Roan – one color with speckles of another in it

Red, Ruby, or Chestnut

This colour is so far the most popular and requested colour from Cavapoo or Cavoodle breeders. Their shades vary from a deep ruby red colour or chestnut.

Ruby red dogs tend to have a consistent colour all throughout their years. This is in contrast to dogs with a lighter red variant as they eventually fade as the puppy grows. This colour is the most preferred as most first generation dogs come in this colour.

Apricot Cavoodle

Apricot Cavoodles are similar to the red and ruby colours above but a little bit lighter. They are a mix of yellow and red and tend to be lighter when they are puppies. As they grow older. apricot Cavoodles will appear more like an apricot or peach colour you expect.

Black Cavoodle

Black is considered to be the strongest and dominant colour among Cavoodles or Cavapoos. They may come with a few white streaks. Black can either reflect elegance or give a sinister impression on the dog’s look.

Be assured, however, that a Cavapoo or Cavoodle’s colour would not have a bearing on its behaviour. This breed has been particularly recommended by most breeders for families who would like to own their first dog.

Brown, Black and White Cavoodle

Black and Tan

Black and tan colours are often a result of black and red (or ruby) parents, and can also be a chestnut, pair of Cavoodle parents. These colours may also have a few white streaks.

These are recommended for owners who would like a bit of a variety or a little colour to balance a black Cavapoo’s appearance. It is also for those who may find a purely black Cavoodle to be too strong for their taste.

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Cavapoo Designer Dog Breed

Black and White Cavoodle

The Black and White Cavoodle is among the unusual colors to be observed among this particular breed. It is considered to be seen mostly in second-generation Cavoodles. Perhaps this choice is perfect for those who want a balance between these two popular colors.

The white streaks combined with black make it less troublesome to maintain compared to predominantly white dogs…

Tri Colour Cavoodles

It is usually a combination of black, white and chestnut (also known as Blenheim Cavoodles). They are barely observed on first-generation breeds. This combination of colours is perfect for dog owners who just can’t seem to have a preferred specific colour and may want to have all of the colours available.

Fluffy Gold Cavoodle Cavapoo

Gold and Blenheim

Cavoodle puppies may initially have a combination of red or ruby streaks. However, as the Cavoodle puppies grow they may grow out their red or ruby colour which often result in a gold or cream colour. This is another colour that isn’t observed among first breeds.

This colour suits pet owners who find black too strong for their taste. The cream colour sort of balances the dog’s look and this colour makes it easier to groom and maintain.

It is also reminiscent of the Labrador’s colours. This is perfect for those who love Labradors and Golden retrievers, however, find it too active for their families to handle.

Lonely Cavapoo Dog

Chocolate and Latte

Chocolate is also among the favourite Cavoodle colours. Similar to the red or ruby, the darker their colour the more likely they are to maintain it as an adult.

If the parents of a chocolate dog is a black one and the other a chocolate one, a dark brown colour tends to stay throughout the dog until its adult years. The lighter the chocolate colour the more chance that the Cavoodle puppy will shed it over time. This often results in a cafe or latte-like colour.

Are you still undecided on which of the Cavoodle colours to pick? It never hurts to visit your local breeder to check out which of their Cavoodle puppies would most likely connect with you and your loved ones.

What Is The Rarest Cavoodle Colour?

The rarest Cavoodle colors are solid colors like black, chocolate, and white. However, unique patterns like black merle, sable and phantom are even rarer and command the highest prices.