Facts about Cavoodle Puppies for Future Owners!

Cavoodle puppies are far too cute for words. There’s a lot more to these sweet dogs than just looks!

First, what is a Cavoodle?

Cavoodle puppies are the adorable offspring of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. This combines the traits of these two dogs and turns it into a very sweet hybrid. The Poodle’s intelligence is prominent in a Cavoodle, but so is the Cavalier King Charles’ soft coat. Together, they make for a very special companion!

Cavoodles are the perfect family pet

Why? They are well known for being loyal and loving dogs. In fact, they’re great around kids because of how sweet and gentle they are. Many Australians choose a Cavoodle as their family dog because of their calm temperament and laid-back disposition.

Cavoodles are fantastic with children, which makes them especially popular with families that have very young children. Because a Cavoodle is such a small dog, they aren’t likely to crush a toddler, and the child has a friend they can grow up with. It’s a win-win!

They work well with any sized family, from individuals to small groups. They may bond more strongly with one family member over another, but for the most part, they love their family members equally.

Cavoodle Puppies can come in Toy or Mini sized

The difference between Toy Cavoodles and Mini Cavoodles comes down to parentage. Toy Cavoodles come from breeding with a Toy Poodle and Mini Cavoodles are, obviously, bred with Miniature Poodles. Besides the name, though, there is very little that is different between them.

Toy Cavoodles are slightly smaller than Miniature Cavoodles, hence the name. They are also more prone to certain hereditary diseases that the Cavoodle is known for (such as respiratory problems and certain joint issues), but they are both genetically similar, for the most part.

They also come in three different colours!

The best thing about Cavoodle puppies is they come in several different colours, from red to tan, to even multi-colored! Each color Cavoodle is cuter than the last, which makes deciding on a Cavoodle to bring home that much harder. Perhaps you should get one of each, just to be sure.

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Cavoodle Puppies don’t need a lot of space

The best part of having a small dog like a Cavoodle is they don’t need a huge yard to be happy. In fact, just having a little yard and daily walks is great for your Cavoodle! They prefer to be close to you, so the less they have to walk to get to where you are, the better.

Even though Cavoodles aren’t exercise-heavy, they should still be walked every day to let out any loose steam. They love having new things to look at and sniff, so taking them on an adventure to the nearest dog park will make them extra happy!

Cavoodles are smart dogs

You can thank their Poodle heritage for this one; Cavoodles are among the smarter breeds of dogs to own. They are able to learn as many tricks as you are willing to teach them, which is fantastic for keeping your Cavoodle entertained.

Additionally, Cavoodles can be trained to be service dogs due to their higher than average intelligence. A service dog this cute should be illegal. Luckily, it’s not.

Cavoodle Puppies have easy-to-care-for coats!

One of the biggest selling points for a Cavoodle is their low-maintenance coat. It is easy to care for because it’s short (usually), but it also has another property. People with allergies tend to like Cavoodles more because they are nearly allergen-free. This makes living with a dog more tolerable.

In addition to being low maintenance, Cavoodles are also low shedding dogs, meaning your home stays cleaner for longer. How convenient is that? Cavoodles do still need to be brushed and bathed, but really only about once a week to keep their fur looking its best!

Cavoodle puppies are cute and cuddly, but they are also so much more than just looks. They’re bound to be your next best friend!