How Much Should a Cavoodle Weigh? (More Than You Think)

These small dogs are cute as a button and are very loved as indoor lapdogs.

When getting your new dog, you should know how much Cavoodles can weigh!

How much does a Cavoodle weigh?

It depends on what sort of Cavoodle you have. Cavoodles come in two main sub-breeds: Toy Cavoodles and Mini Cavoodles.

Cavoodle adult weights are:

  • Toy Cavoodles – 8 kg
  • Miniature Cavoodles –  12 kg.

This is quite a difference, depending on what you are expecting out of your furry friend. This weight can fluctuate slightly depending on genetics and feeding patterns, but generally, these weights are an average to go by.

Cavoodles are considered a small breed of dog

Cavoodles are small dogs, which means that Cavoodles weigh very little! In fact, they weigh so little that they make ideal lap dogs and perfect family dogs within the home. Because of their small size, the Cavoodles are fantastic with children. They also don’t need a lot of space inside, because they are happiest when they can co-exist with you, wherever you are! However, how much should a Cavoodle weigh?

Cute Cavapoo Puppy

Managing your Cavoodle’s weight

If you find that your Cavoodle is a little heavier (or lighter) than is recommended, it may be time to start watching your Cavoodle’s eating habits. Your veterinarian will have the best advice for your Cavoodle, but generally speaking, your dog should be eating at least twice a day, and enough food for their weight. Additionally, it helps to have feeding times at the same time every day.

For heavier Cavoodles, regular exercise is incredibly important. Cavoodles need to be walked at least once a day to be healthy, and they also need to be played with at home to be really happy. To keep your Cavoodle from becoming overweight, ensure that they are getting the stimulation they need every day.

Neutering/Spaying Causing Weight Gain

Although the act of neutering or spaying itself does not cause weight gain in dogs, it has been found that dogs that undergo these procedures typically do gain weight afterward.

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So, when you get your dog fixed, be aware that their weight will vary afterward and it is something you will have to keep an eye on.

Weight Gain With Age

As Cavoodles age, just like humans, they will slowly gain weight while still having the same diet. Be aware of the fact that older Cavoodles may need to slowly eat less as they age.

Keep on eye on your Cavoodle’s weight and make sure it does not slowly get out of control. Such things can creep up on you without you noticing!

Cavoodle on a Walk

What do I do if my Cavoodle isn’t gaining weight?

If you are truly concerned about your puppy’s weight, it may be time to take your Cavoodle to a vet. There are an infinite number of reasons why your dog isn’t at the weight it should be, from not eating enough to having something as severe as a stomach bug. Your Cavoodle’s health is best discussed with a vet as they will know exactly how to fix whatever is ailing your puppy.

Cavoodles are the perfect compact pets

Because Cavoodles weigh so little, they are ideal as family pets. Small children are especially safe with Cavoodles because their gentle nature and lightweight make them virtually harmless. However, caution should be exercised with children under the age of 6, as accidents happen when we least expect them.

Keeping your Cavoodle healthy with a couple of well-balanced meals isn’t difficult. Cavoodles grow up much faster than you think!

Cavoodles are great pets because they don’t get too big, which makes them perfect for any sized home.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Cavapoos stop growing?

Cavapoos normally stop growing at the 12-month mark. While Toy Cavapoos can stop growing a little earlier at the 8-11 month mark.