Best Dog Friendly Beaches Around Queensland!

If you’re living in the Queensland area, and don’t know where some of the best beaches to take your Cavoodle, you are in luck!

These are the best dog-friendly beaches around Queensland to take your Cavoodle.

Noosa dog beach

Noosa Dog Beach

To kick off this list is Noosa Dog Beach, one of the best off-leash dog-friendly beaches on the Sunshine Coast to run your Cavoodle. The clear water is a great place to swim, and you may even see some fish in the water with you! There are usually plenty of dogs to play with during peak times, but it’s never too crowded. Noosa is the perfect beach for you and your family to spend an afternoon!

Beachmere Off-Leash Beach

This dog-friendly beach is great for Cavoodles as it offers plenty of space to run around and be free. The water is perfect for swimming in, and the long stretch of sand is more than enough for many families to co-exist at once.

There are benches and other accommodations around the beach, so you can definitely spend a good amount of time here. This is one of the less frequented beaches in Queensland, but it can still get busy, so pack accordingly!

Tallebudgera dog beach

Tallebudgera Offleash Dog Beach

Another great place to go swimming! Tallebudgera beach is an off-leash dog beach where you can let your Cavoodle run and play with other dogs. It’s usually not a busy beach, which makes it ideal for both dogs and families to get a good amount of playtime in. Tallebudgera is another surf beach that isn’t terribly busy, especially in the morning.

Nudgee Beach

If you are in the Brisbane area then Nudgee Beach was a great place to go off-leash. At least for a time. They are now back to being an on-leash beach, but it is still a great dog-friendly beach just outside Brisbane. So, if you are in the area, give Nudgee Beach a try.

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Stumers Creek

One of the roomiest dog-friendly beaches in Queensland, this Gold Coast beach has everything you and your Cavoodle could want. There’s hot sand, warm water, and a spectacular view that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed. It’s also a great place to bring the family to spend an afternoon. There is plenty of parking at Stumers Beach, as well as showers and other amenities.

palm beach qld

Palm Beach

Palm Beach can get pretty busy at times, but for good reason. This beach is absolutely stunning, which may account for its popularity. It is another off-leash dog beach where you and your Cavoodle can run around. As far as beaches in Queensland go it’s pretty clean, especially considering the traffic it gets every day.

Currumbin Creek

Currumbin Creek is another dog-friendly surf beach just south of Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. Not only are the golden sands of these beaches great for dogs, but the nearby Elephant Rock Café and Dune Café are also dog-friendly too.

Bribie Island Beach

Dogs love this beach! Lots of clean sand and warm water make this off-leash dog beach a great place to spend an afternoon. Bribie Island is another really popular beach for families and dogs of all sizes because of how large it is. The size of the beach means you never really have to fight for space, but the downside is that it’s a bit of a trek. However, this shouldn’t be an issue for your puppy!

Queensland has many beaches that are worth checking out with your Cavoodle.

If you find the beaches are bustling with activity, then you should check out some of Queensland’s parks!