Know Your Dog Friendly Beaches Around Victoria

Luckily, there are some fantastic dog-friendly beaches around Victoria!

These are some of the highest-rated dog beaches in the Victoria area. Are you looking for a new place to take your Cavoodle? Are you also located in the beautiful Victoria area?


Hawker Beach

There are plenty of places around Victoria to take your Cavoodle, but nothing compares to a good dog beach. Hawker Beach is a fantastic place to take your Cavoodle if you need lots of space to run around. It’s one of the better off-lead, dog-friendly beaches around Victoria that lets you and your Cavoodle relax in the water.

The area surrounding the beach is also incredibly beautiful, so if you visit here, plan on staying for a few hours. Hawker beach is one of the area’s big hot spots, so expect plenty of other dogs and plan accordingly. Most people spend a few hours here because of how gorgeous it is!

Fossil Beach

Fossil beach isn’t what most people think of when they hear the word “beach”; there are plenty of rocks to traverse, and stairs to climb. However, if what you want is a nice, tranquil area to settle down for an hour or two to swim in the water, then this is a fantastic beach to do so. Fossil beach also has some surrounding trails to walkthrough for those who aren’t interested in swimming.

Sandringham Harbour

This dog-friendly beach is a great area for your Cavoodle. It features sand, sun, and plenty of water for your puppy to play in. It’s also a fantastic place to take your dog for a walk. Many people around Victoria choose this beach because of the fantastic dog run.

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It’s a good way to spend an afternoon just walking, even if you’re not into staying at the beach. There are also lots of friendly dogs on this beach, so it’s great to make friends!

Tassells cove

Tassells Cove

Tassells Cove is another one of those beaches that are perfect for meeting dogs. Lots of room to run around and play without feeling too crowded. While parking can be limited, going earlier in the day might net you a spot before the majority of people come in. Besides that, the beach itself is beautiful, with water and sand for everyone.

Brighton Dog Beach

A much larger beach than Tassells, Brighton beach offers more sand and ocean than other beaches on this list. It’s one of the more populated dog beaches, with plenty of dogs coming to visit this beach every day.

There are also some very nice buildings in the area if you’re looking for a scenic walk, though many people come to unwind after a long day. Bring plenty of water, as most people spend quite a long time here!

Finding a good dog beach in Victoria isn’t hard if you know where to look. There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches around Victoria that offer plenty of running space, as well as lots of water to cool down.

If you’re running your dog on one of these beaches, make sure you can keep up!