How to Stop a Cavoodle From Barking

stop cavoodle barking

Whether they are barking at strangers or barking because they miss you, a dog that barks excessively is a recipe for disaster. Stop your Cavoodle from barking safely and effectively, without the use of electric shock collars. My Cavoodle barks Constantly. What do I do? For a dog, barking is as natural as breathing. Cavoodles … Read more

Just How Much Are Cavoodle Dogs?

how much are cavoodle

Cavoodles are Australia’s most loved breed, but how much is it to buy one? Surprisingly, not as much as you might think! Cavoodles are a designer breed Cavoodles are a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This pairing makes the resulting Cavoodle puppies designer dogs. They have a mixed coat that’s … Read more

How Much Do Cavoodles Shed?

how much cavoodles shed

Cavoodles are fantastic puppies if you’re allergic to dogs, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of the park just yet. Like other dogs, Cavoodles shed, but how much do they shed on average? Meet the Poodle! Cavoodles shed about as much as their parents do. Cavoodles are born from a Poodle and a Cavalier King … Read more

What Do Cavoodle Puppies Eat?

what cavoodle puppies eat

When it comes to caring for your Cavoodle puppy, food is one of the top priorities. However, their dietary requirements can often change from dog to dog, and even throughout the Cavoodle’s lifespan. So what do Cavoodle puppies really eat? Cavoodles have different dietary requirements throughout their life As a Cavoodle grows, the pet food … Read more

How Big Does a Cavoodle Get On Average?

cavoodle on average

Cavoodles are Australia’s perfect small dog breed and there is no question about this. But how small is small, exactly? How big does a Cavoodle get? Now, it’s time to get the answers. Cavoodles are small dogs A Cavoodle is classified as a small dog. This means that they can fit in your lap comfortably. … Read more

How Many Puppies Are in a Cavoodle’s Litter?

puppies in cavoodle litter

A Cavoodle’s litter size varies from dog to dog, and even from litter to litter. So how many puppies should you expect when your Cavoodle is expecting? So you’re expecting puppies Congratulations! Your Cavoodle is pregnant with puppies! Even though they may not be showing yet, you should still prepare yourself and your Cavoodle for … Read more