Where And How to Buy a Cavoodle puppy!

buy a cavoodle puppy

Looking for a new Cavoodle puppy can be downright confusing, but nothing is impossible. Where to buy a Cavoodle and how much you pay for them can mean a world of difference. To start, how much are Cavoodle puppies? Cavoodle puppies aren’t cheap! Because they are a mix between two highly prized breeds (the Poodle … Read more

Buying Your First Cavoodle Puppy

your first cavoodle puppy

Cavoodle puppies are hands-down Australia’s most popular breed. However, there are some key things to look for when purchasing your new best friend. Cavoodles can fetch a high price Cavoodle puppies are bred to get the most from their parents – a Poodle and a King Charles Spaniel. Because of this, Cavoodles can often run … Read more

How Big Do Cavoodle Dogs Grow?

how big cavoodles grow

Cavoodles are well known for being small dogs; that’s part of their charm! And as you might already know, Cavoodles (or Cavapoos) are a cross of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a miniature poodle or toy poodle. That’s what makes this designer dog the perfect size for being lap dogs, but how big do … Read more

Cavoodle Colours – Which is Best for You?

cavoodle colour for you

If you’ve just decided to get a Cavoodle (also known as a Cavapoo) for you and your family, it’s good to start thinking about which Cavoodle colour would be the best match for all of you. Cavoodle breeders would usually agree that this special breed has around 6 to 10 possible colour combinations available from … Read more

Who is a Cavoodle Best Suited For?

who is cavoodle suited for

Cavoodles can easily be an excellent choice for most types of people, let’s see if you fit those criteria! This is because of their gentle demeanour and even tempers. Add to that the fact that they are unbelievably adorable, they have the cutest faces and the sweetest temperament. It’s hard for anyone not to love them! … Read more