Where And How to Buy a Cavoodle puppy!

Looking for a new Cavoodle puppy can be downright confusing, but nothing is impossible. Where to buy a Cavoodle and how much you pay for them can mean a world of difference.

To start, how much are Cavoodle puppies?

Cavoodle puppies aren’t cheap! Because they are a mix between two highly prized breeds (the Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), they fetch a high price. On average, you’ll be looking at anywhere from $2500 AUD to $5000 AUD to buy a Cavoodle puppy!

Alright, you can catch your breath. The price is high, but a Cavoodle is worth every dollar! With that said, buying a Cavoodle is not an impulse purchase (no dog should be!), and you should take the appropriate steps to ensure that the dog you bring home is in fact the dog you paid for!

Where do I get a Cavoodle?

If you can find one at your local RSPCA, then by all means adopt! There are hundreds of dogs and puppies that are without homes that would love to be a part of your life.

You may find a Cavoodle that’s been mixed with another breed (thus making it less of a Cavoodle and more of a mutt), but it would still love to have a home. However, if it’s a pure Cavapoo you are looking for, you’re going to need to do a little legwork. Generally, you will want to start by finding a good breeder.

What should I look for in a breeder?

Breeders are everywhere; the trick is to look for a reputable breeder in your area. Don’t be afraid to call around and ask questions! The more research you do as a buyer, the better experience you will have in the long run.

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Reputable breeders will be registered or licensed. This also means that they will have a Breeder license number. It is absolutely okay to ensure that the breeder you are buying from has one of these numbers – not having a license means that they may be operating illegally.

What are some things to watch out for?

Because Cavapoos are expensive, they can very easily be turned for a profit. When looking for a breeder in Australia, ensure that you take note of the following things:

  • Cleanliness of the breeding home. If it’s extremely dirty, you may end up taking home a sick puppy!
  • Breeder license, and all official vaccination/microchipping documents. Do not take anything less than official documentation.
  • Note the scale of the breeding operation: many females usually point to a puppy mill (more breeding females = more puppies = more profit).
  • The demeanor of the breeder themselves. Dogs deserve a good home, and if the breeder is handing out puppies like candy, there may be something bigger going on.

Of course, trust your gut! If you think someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, be aware.

It’s a major financial investment, and finding the right place to buy your Cavapoo should be a decision made with care. Buying a Cavoodle is a lengthy process that takes time. Follow our tips to make the best choice!