Why Should I Get a Cavoodle?

If you’re already intent on getting a dog but haven’t decided on a breed, look no further!

A Cavoodle is definitely your best option in our opinion. 😊

The Cavoodle is among the most popular designer breeds in Australia, that didn’t just happen by accident. These puppies are so popular because they really do make for ideal pets.


All dogs are cute and puppies are even cuter. But Cavoodles are on another level of cuteness. No exaggeration! This is the kind of pup you can’t get enough of. It’s not just about having the perfect combination of luxurious coats, floppy ears, and large eyes. It’s their entire look combined with their gentle nature that makes them such adorable puppies.


Cavoodles absolutely adore their humans. They’re very good with both adults and children. Not only are they gentle but they are also very affectionate dogs that like to be doted on. They like to follow their humans around and miss them when they’re away. While they may need a little bit of exercise everyday, these puppies also love to simply hang out and snuggle.


Cavoodles take their intelligence from their Poodle ancestry. Poodles are known as the most intelligent dog breed and Cavoodles aren’t too far behind. You’ll appreciate this level of intelligence in a dog not just for basic obedience or tricks training. They’re quick to grasp house rules and your general preferences. That means they learn how to be the best pet ever more quickly than other puppies.


These puppies can be content in almost any situation. Cavoodles can live in either cramped or expansive homes and enjoy both small and large families. The only arrangement they won’t adapt well to is being a yard dog. Their nature really makes them better suited indoors where they can constantly mingle with their family.

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While they’re very energetic, their exercise requirements aren’t too rigorous. They’re perfectly content with a simple daily stroll. Even better, they’re happy to play games that don’t just tire them out but challenge their mental abilities as well. Playing games is also the best way to bond with your pet.


Cavoodles are either low-shed or no-shed dogs. What you get really depends on which between the Cavalier King Charles and Poodle is more dominant. Whether or not you require a hypoallergenic dog, having a no-shed pet has its perks. No shedding means no constant vacuuming. It also means no fur in all your clothes. Even with all these benefits, you still get to enjoy a ball of lush, luxurious fur.


Explicitly developed to be healthy, there are no major health concerns specific to the Cavoodle breed. They may be predisposed to some dental disease or ear infections but those can be avoided with special care. They typically live up to 15 years without a lot of complications.

Choosing a Cavoodle could be the best decision you could ever make. They’re not only heart-warming to look at but they’re also lovely to take care of.

Soon after getting one in your home, you’ll find how rewarding it is to have a Cavoodle in your life.