13 Adorable Photos of Cavoodles to Convince You to Get One

Are you thinking of getting a dog but you still don’t know how to get started and how to prepare for an arrival of a new member of your family?

If yes, then perhaps we can convince you to get one of these cuties! Whether you have kids, or you have a busy schedule, the Cavoodle is a great choice of dog.

In short, the Cavoodle makes for the ideal family pet that you will love to have in your home!


1 . They are irresistibly cute

How can you say no to a face like this? Cavoodles are the dog of choice if you want something soft and sweet sitting in your lap!

Part of the appeal for owning a Cavoodle is their sweet, teddy-bear like appearance and loving demeanour!


2 . Cavoodles are great with kids

If you have young children, you’ll be delighted to know that the Cavoodle makes an excellent family dog! Not only are they small, but they’re oh so gentle, and love to be curled up next to family members at any chance they can get!


3 . Their coat is super soft, and low maintenance!

Cavoodles are a special breed of dog, but many people love Cavoodles for their coat.

They often take after their poodle parentage, which means their coat is low-shed. Allergy-sufferers rejoice!


4. Like smart dogs? Cavoodles have smarts in spades!

Because they’re bred with poodles, Cavapoo dogs tend to have incredible intelligence. In other words, they’re whip-smart which makes them incredibly easy to train.


5. They are loving and eager to please

In addition to being super smart, Cavoodles are also bred with King Charles Spaniels, which are noted as being super loving. Plus, training them is a joy, and after a busy day, you can sit and cuddle all evening!

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6. Cavoodles are perfect for any lifestyle

Cavoodles are great house dogs and are more than happy to stay inside with you. They also make great walking companions, which is great for any lifestyle!

Active or inactive, Cavoodles are the perfect companion.


7. They make fantastic family dogs

The Cavoodle is best known for being family dogs. They’re incredibly compatible with small children, perfect for families with kids under 10.


8. They also make phenomenal service dogs!

Have we mentioned that Cavoodles are super easy to train? Whether you need an emotional support dog or a well-trained service dog, Cavoodles are the way to go!


9. Cavoodles have the perfect amount of energy

Cavoodles are not high-energy dogs, which makes them easy to care for. They’re more than happy to cuddle on the couch, regardless of your lifestyle


10. They are ideal lap dogs

Cavoodles don’t grow very big – only a maximum of 20 pounds (9-10 kilos), but that’s 20 pounds of love that you get every night!

In other words, they’re perfect cuddle buddies!


11) They’re easy to clean

As a result of their poodle parentage, Cavoodles don’t need a lot to keep their coat soft and luxurious. However, if they do get dirty, they’re a breeze to bathe!


12) Sweet tempered and super gentle

Cavoodles are one of the most loving dogs, and are oh so eager to please! Additionally, their gentle demeanour makes for perfect furry companions!


13) How can you say no?

In short, Cavoodles are the perfect home dog for any sized family! They are easy to train, easy to love, and a joy to own!

The Cavoodle is the dog to get if you want a super smart, super cute furry friend for the home.