OMG! Check Out Some of These Cute Cavoodle Selfies!

Cavoodles! Who doesn’t love a cute Cavoodle?

Luckily, there’s a whole host of cute little fur babies right at the click of a mouse! Check out this gorgeous collection of Cavoodle selfies.

The Cavoodles of Instagram are too cute to boot

Lulu the Cavoodle is such a cute sweetheart! One of the nicest things about her is her adorable expression; that’s definitely a face you can’t resist. Her coat looks so soft, and those eyes are so full of love! They’re just so big and round, which makes her look absolutely adorable. One thing’s for sure, Lulu is pawsitively irresistible!

Such a contemplative pose, perfect for a model like this little guy! Cooper looks like they’re thinking about some serious stuff, or maybe they’re just thinking about when dinner time is. What a photogenic fur baby, with that precious curly coat. He is definitely an 11/10, no doubt about it!

That’s a playtime face if there ever was one! Chapo seems like they’re full of energy, and not quite ready to settle down for the night yet. This cute little bundle of fluff is ready to play, and who’s going to say no to that smile?

Look at this cute teddy bear-looking Cavoodle! 😍

It may be hard to believe, but this is a real Cavoodle, no matter how soft and plushie she looks! That coat is so super silky, and her eyes can melt even the most hardened heart. This photo perfectly captures the essence of a Cavoodle!

Look at the little sweater! One of the most important things is staying warm through the winter, and Peanut has that in the bag. Also, look at that pose! Peanut was made for the camera, for sure. Those eyes are definitely laying on the smoulder; look out world, we have a model within our midst!

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Charlie the Cavoodle just looks like he’s ready to take on the day. There’s a happy-go-lucky smile and bright eyes that just say “it’s going to be a great day” and of course, who wouldn’t have a great day with this ball of sunshine beside them? Cavoodles are just loving balls of joy, which is exactly why you should consider buying one yourself!

Cavoodles have the best smiles, honestly. Their curly coats and shiny eyes are hard to beat, but the smile of a soft puppy such as Mala here takes this picture to the next level. If the world learned how to be happy like this cutie here, there would be very little wrong with the world! Plus, look at that cute little face!

Cavoodles are just the happiest puppies

Again with the award winning smiles! The sun sure is bright today and it’s wagging its tail! One of the best reasons for owning a Cavoodle is this right here; the very essence of happiness contained in a small dog.

Cavoodles are the cutest dogs, paws down. You can’t argue; just look at them happy puppies!

These are just a handful of the absolute cutest Cavoodles out there, but there are far too many more to cover in just one post!