13 Exciting Places for You and Your Cavoodle to Go in Victoria!

It’s finally here! Lockdown for Victorian residents has finally been lifted!

Well done to all of you! All of us and our dogs are super keen to get out of the house and our usual walking paths to visit new places and get back to the world outside our backyard!

With the Stage 3 Lockdown restrictions lifted we’re finally able to breathe some fresh air with our pups.

In the past we’ve actually written about some great parks and beaches you can take your Cavoodle:

And don’t miss out on these exclusive 13 amazing spots where you can take your pup:

1. Beechworth Gorge Scenic Walk

Take your Cavoodle for a day of hiking and enjoying nature on the Beechworth Historic Park. This 2.5-hour walking trail includes views of waterfalls, a stone bridge, and even an old mill.

2. Milawa Cellar Door

Want a relaxing afternoon sipping wine and admiring the view? Head to Milawa Cellar Door in the Brown Brothers Vineyard. Their patio is dog-friendly, and your pup can enjoy a lazy day under the sun while you savor a glass of wine.

3. Banyule State Forest

This gorgeous hike is an excellent option for adventurers that like to wander surrounded by nature. If that’s your case, make sure to take your Cavoodle for a hike at the Banyue State Forest trail, a 6km walk among the Banyule Forest area.

4. Camerons Bight Dog Off-Leash Area

There’s a small beach at Camerons Bight where your Cavoodle can run leash-free and play with other dogs. Make sure to follow the rules regarding the time of day your dog is allowed off-leash.

5. Whites Beach

This small sandy beach in Torquay is a perfect secluded place to take your Cavoodle. Whites Beach is dog-friendly year-round, 24 hours per day, and off-leash zone.

6. Trentham Falls

With 32 metres, the Trentham Falls is one of the longest waterfalls in Victoria. You can appreciate this beauty with your pup by following a quick walk from the Trentham Scenic Reserve Road, in the Coliban River Scenic Reserve.

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7. Gourmet Pawprints

Why not go classy with your best friend? The Gourmet Pawprints offers several tours for you and your Cavoodle, like wineries, picnics, and even High Tea! Your dog will have a blast and, I’m sure, so will you.

8. Agnes Falls

This accessible waterfall is a perfect hike for those in the Gippsland area. The trail is short, and your Cavoodle can join you on the track while on the leash. Don’t forget to take a photo when you reach the fall!

9. Maroondah Reservoir Park

How about a picnic with your Cavoodle pal? The Maroondah Reservoir Park is a fantastic spot for that! There are lots of green areas and paths for a whole day of fun.

10. Lake Weeroona

Lake Weeroona is a must-go in Bengido. Not only the lake is gorgeous and offers spectacular views, but its surrounding is full of opportunities to exercise your Cavoodle. Don’t miss the chance to visit it!

11. Ballarat Botanical Gardens

This beautiful reserve with 40 hectares has plenty of space to walk and admire their collection of trees and flowers. Your Cavoodle is certainly welcome in there, just make sure he stays on the leash the entire time.

12. Alfred Nicholas Reserve

Waterfalls, an ornamental lake, and a wonderful garden. This sums up the Alfred Nicholas Reserve, although words don’t do it justice. Stop by for a visit and a calm, breezy day with your pup. He must be on lease while on the reserve.

13. Bellarine Rail Trail

A hike that runs along with a rail track, the Bellarine full length is 32km! It’s an excellent option for bikers, especially if your Cavoodle can keep up. The best place for an open-air exercise!

And those 13 places are just some of the many dog-friendly options in Victoria! Know of any places we’ve missed out on? Let us know!

Whether you got your Cavoodle during the pandemic or not, it’s a great opportunity for all to get outdoors and walk with your Cavoodle! Stay safe everyone!