3 Ways to Keep Your Cavoodle Happy in 2020

A Cavoodle doesn’t need a lot to stay content, but it’s crucial for you to know what makes this dog feel happy. Here’s how you can keep your Cavoodle happy in 2020.

Cavoodles are a designer breed with simple needs

Cavoodles are one of the most loving pups you can own. Their loyalty and affection knows no bounds, so one of the best things you can do for your Cavoodle is just to spend time with them. Keep your Cavoodle happy by scheduling lots of cuddle time with your friend.

With a family, there’s even more for a Cavoodle to love! Smaller children make great playmates, and even better cuddle buddies. Your Cavoodle will get a kick out of the high energy of your kids and will help keep the children out of trouble (hopefully!).

If it’s just you and your Cavoodle, you can still keep your Cavoodle happy. Let them on the couch and curl up, or just go for a walk. A Cavoodle doesn’t need much to stay happy, as long as they’re beside you. In this vein, do as much as you can with your dog, and watch their happiness soar.

Keep your Cavoodle happy with plenty of walks

Cavoodles need plenty of exercises, so it’s only natural that being outside keeps them happy! Taking lots of walks is ideal for your Cavoodle’s health and wellness; they need to exercise just like any other dog. Going to familiar parks is a great way to boost your Cavoodle’s mood.

If you’re tired of the same park every day, there are many different parks in Australia that are begging to be explored. Gorgeous scenery and expansive trails make every new hike an adventure for you and your Cavoodle. Plus, going to new places means there are so many new smells to sniff! How exciting!

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Try training your Cavoodle daily

It’s no surprise that Australia’s most beloved dog is also one of the smartest. Cavoodles are well known for their intelligence, and nothing makes them happier than exercising their brain! Teach your Cavoodle plenty of tricks to keep their mind sharp.

If old-school teaching isn’t your thing, you can also teach your Cavoodle agility training! They are fantastic agility dogs due to their small stature. Weave through poles, run up seesaws, and dash through tubes to get to the finish. Agility training is a great way to exercise, train, and have fun all at once!

Even going to the park is a great opportunity to do some training! Plus, the change of scenery will be refreshing for both you and your Cavoodle.

From fun outdoor activities to staying indoors and snuggling, Cavoodles are the easiest dog to keep happy. There’s no limit to what you can do to keep your Cavoodle happy. Follow our tips and your dog will be happy all the time.