Best Exercise Tips for Your Cavoodle

Exercise is important to your dog, but where do you start? The answer is surprisingly easy. Here are some of the best methods to exercise your Cavoodle to the fullest.

Cavoodle Cavapoo walk
A Cavoodle ready for a walk

Go for a walk to the local dog park

The number one thing you can do to exercise your Cavoodle is to take them for a walk. While it does sound cliche, there are plenty of reasons why a good walk will help both you and your dog. Being outside helps mentally stimulate your dog, especially because there are so many things to sniff.

Plus, going to a dog park allows you to play with your dog (such as by playing fetch, or even throwing a frisbee).

Dog parks have the added benefit of having more dogs! Cavoodles love to play, and the local park definitely has some new playmates!

Agility Training

Cavoodles are well known for their incredible intelligence and their desire to please. One of the best ways to satisfy both of these traits is through training your Cavoodle. For example, agility training puts your Cavoodle through several different exercises, ensuring they’re always thinking.

Agility training isn’t the easiest activity to get in to, but it is often the most rewarding. It requires a lot of focus and patience from both the dog and the owner. However, it’s a phenomenal way to exercise your Cavoodle, and it also serves as mental stimulation that they would otherwise not get at home.

Cavapoo Cavoodle puppy ball
A Cavapoo puppy with a ball


This activity comes as something of a no-brainer; what dog doesn’t like to play fetch? Throwing a ball or a frisbee for your Cavoodle encourages them to run, and it’s even better when they bring back the toy for you to throw again. Dogs adore chasing and retrieving, and this activity fits well into a Cavoodle’s need to please mindset. Be sure to give your puppy plenty of praise when they return the ball.

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You can even play this game indoors! Just roll the ball away and watch your Cavoodle bring it right back over and over again.

Hide and Seek

You can play this game in many different ways. You can hide a treat, a toy, or even yourself! Encourage your Cavoodle to search for whatever you have hidden. While it may take some time for your Cavapoo to really get the hang of the game, it is great mental stimulation that is guaranteed to get your puppy moving.

The best activities to exercise your Cavoodle are limitless; whether you are indoors or outside, getting your puppy the exercise they need is incredibly important.

From a simple walk to a game of fetch, you have numerous options for exercising your Cavoodle.