Dog-Friendly Beaches in Victoria

There’s nothing like hitting the beach on a hot summer day and, of course, you should think about bringing your puppy along in order to enjoy some fun under the sun.

Cavoodles tend to love the water and are usually great swimmers. Playful, they have a blast when having a chance to play on the sand or chase waves.

If you live or are visiting the Victoria region, here are the best dog-friendly beaches in Victoria to take your pup.

Logans Beach

Known for being an excellent spot for whale-watching during winter, the Logans Beach in Warrnambool is also a perfect place to enjoy with your Cavoodle. The area allows dogs to be off-lead and play around the long stretch of the beach. Just be careful with letting your dog go unsupervised into the ocean: the sea at Logans Beach can have pretty strong tides.

Brighton Dog Beach

The Sandown Street Beach, better known as the Brighton Dog Beach, is, as the name says, a beautiful dog beach in the Bayside area. With low waves, the Brighton Beach is perfect for pups that like to indulge in water play.

Dogs can play around off-leash in the full extension of this gorgeous beach. Just make sure you keep an eye on your pooch: this is a popular beach for dog owners, which means it can be easy to lose track of your pup.

Paradise Beach

On the western side of Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, Paradise Beach is, as the name claims, a paradise. This beach is a real hidden gem in Victoria and offers those who find it turquoise warm, calm waters and breath-taking views. It’s the perfect spot for people that just want to chill in the company of their best furry friends, as Paradise Beach is a year-round dog-friendly beach in Victoria.

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Mentone Beach

Mentone Beach is a small yet blissful beach in Melbourne that is easy to access and easy to fall in love with. Dogs are welcome all the time on the sand on the western area between Chaman Rd and Plummer Rd, and dring seasonal times on the other stretches of the beach towards Parkdale and the Mentone Life Saving Club.

Make sure to be aware of the regulations if you decide to take your Cavoodle for a walk along the shore or the pathway surrounding the beach, as dogs must be leashed when leaving the dog-friendly part.

White Beach

Love to surf? Then Torquay is the place for you! And luckily for your pup, the Torquay region has several dog-friendly areas for your Cavoodle to enjoy the sun. White Beach is a great place to bring your dog along, as it is considered a 24-hour off-leash area. The beach also has several pooper-scooper bags available in case you don’t have one in hand when needed.

Torquay and Jan Juc have different areas with seasonal regulations for dogs and even another small off-leash area, but White Beach is undoubtedly the most popular among dog lovers and their pooches.

There are plenty of choices when looking for dog-friendly beaches in Victoria. From small quiet areas to popular and crowded spaces, Victoria offers some fantastic options for a fun day under the sun.