How Much Do Cavoodle Puppies Sleep?

Cavoodles are usually full of energy. They love to play around with other dogs or go for long walks. However, don’t be surprised when noticing your Cavoodle puppy is sleeping for most of the day.

Sleep is an essential part of any puppy’s life and taking long naps during the daytime is a very common occurrence.

How much do Cavoodle puppies sleep?

Cavoodle puppies sleep for long hours every day. The younger the puppy, the more sleep he needs. Newborn Cavoodles will sleep up to 22 hours per day, while older puppies (such as 3 to 6 months old) will sleep around 16 hours per day. And that’s perfectly healthy!

If nonetheless, you think your Cavoodle is too lethargic when awake, or is having inconsistent sleeping habits, it might be a good idea to take him for a checkup at the vet clinic.

Why is sleep important to puppies?

Sleep is vital for dogs, and it’s normal for them to sleep much more than we humans do. In the early stages of life, sleeping helps them grow and contributes to their overall health. Proper rest time allows for their brain and muscles to develop, as well as their immune system to strengthen.

Do Cavoodle puppies need a schedule?

It’s always a good idea to get your Cavoodle used to a routine. Besides feeding and taking him outside in regular hours, you should also allow your puppy to nap during different times of the day and habituate him into going to bed at the same time.

When should Cavoodle puppies sleep?

Usually, after walks, training sessions or playtime is a good time to give your Cavoodle puppy some alone time to rest. Provide your puppy with a comfy pillow or bed and create a space where he can feel safe and comfortable.

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Make sure it’s located in a quiet area of the house, so that loud noises won’t disturb your pup’s nap. Your Cavoodle will soon associate that space with sleep time and will look for it whenever he feels like snoozing for a bit.

Also, make sure to guide your pup to their sleeping area at the same time every night so he can get used to the schedule. Try to give him one last bathroom break before going to bed so he can have a proper night of sleep.

In its early stages, they might still wake up in the middle of the night for a potty break. That’s normal for young pups! Just remember to be patient and loving with your Cavoodle, as they are still learning to adapt to the house’s routine and control their bladder.

If you need to take your Cavoodle outside in the middle of the night for a potty break, do it quietly and without fuss: you don’t want your puppy to think it’s playtime and get him aroused!

Tips for a good night of sleep for your Cavoodle

To ensure your Cavoodle puppy has a good rest at night, follow some of the tips below:

  • Make sure their last meal is a few hours before going to bed;
  • Play around with them in the evening, stimulating them mentally and physically. Use different games such as hide-and-seek or a fun training session;
  • Take them for a quick walk or allow them to go outside for the last potty break of the day after their meal.

Cavoodle puppies sleep for most of the day, and that is nothing to be worried about. Let your pup enjoy long naps and around 16 hours of sleep per day to ensure he is growing to become a healthy, strong dog.