Know Your Dog Friendly Beaches Around Tasmania

A true paradise for nature lovers, Tasmania is the home of some stunning beaches. Luckily for your Cavoodle, some of those are great options for dog owners who want to hang out with their pooch.

If you and your Cavoodle are planning to hit the beach, here are some of the best dog-friendly beaches in Tasmania.

Mayfield Beach

Located in the beautiful conservation area of Mayfield Bay Coast Reserve, on the east side of the island, the Mayfield Beach is perfect for dogs and humans alike. The place has a campsite where you can spend the night and enjoy the day under the sun, with your Cavoodle at your side.

It doesn’t matter if you want to burn some calories playing around with your furry friend or if you rather have a lazy day under the sun: Mayfield Beach will be a great destination.

Sisters Beach

For swimming or walking around the wildlife, the Sisters Beach is the perfect spot for you and your pup. The Sisters Beach offers a relaxing, turquoise-blue sea and white sand beach with several dog-designated areas.

Dogs are allowed off-leash all year round on the exercise beach but have limited access during the summer months on the area between Stockdale Ave. and Honeysuckle Ave.

Cosy Corner North & South

Cosy Corner is, as the name suggests, indeed very cosy. Located in the splendid area of the Bay of Fires, this long stretch of sand will sure give you some fantastic summer memories. Dogs are allowed on the full extension of the beach, and your Cavoodle will have plenty of space to run and swim.

To prolong the experience and enjoy Cosy Beach, even more, spend the night in the nearby camping areas (great for both tent or vehicle camping). Popular among dog owners, your Cavoodle will have plenty of dog friends to play with!

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Kingston Dog Beach

Considered one of the most popular beaches in Tasmania, Kingston Beach also caters to furry friends. Dogs have different designated areas for on and off-leash walking. You will find water bowls available for your pooch, as well as poo bags and trash cans.

Located in Hobart, Kingston Beach is ideal for jogging and walking, but also great for socialisation, as many dog owners like to bring along their pets.

Turners Beach

The lovely Turners Beach is famous among swimmers and surfers alike. The tide can be quite strong, but when the sea is calm and the wind is more like a breeze, Turners Beach becomes a true dog paradise. With extensive stretches of sand, this beach is perfect for your best mate to run around freely and enjoy the sun. You can also enjoy a pleasant walk up by the path that leads to the lighthouse nearby for great views of the beach.

Just be aware of eventual restrictions: during the summer months, dogs are only allowed on the lead on Turners Beach.

With so many good options for dog-friendly beaches in Tasmania, it will be easy to find the perfect spot for you and your Cavoodle. Remember to pay attention to any local regulations and always check the signs about restrictions and off-leash rules. And most importantly, remember to have fun!

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