The Best Toy for Your Cavoodle!

best toys cavoodle

Cavoodles are the perfect family pet, but no dog’s home is complete without a few toys. What makes good toys for Cavoodles? Well, there is no perfect answer to that, but there is certainly a wide range of great options out there to entertain your Cavoodle! We have searched high and low and found everything … Read more

5 Tips for Your Cavoodle’s Birthday!

cavoodle birthday tips

Your Cavoodle is turning another year older, but you have nothing planned! Here are some great ideas to make your Cavoodle’s birthday a day to remember! Make your Cavoodle’s birthday cake yourself! The most popular way to celebrate your Cavoodle’s birthday is by making a spectacular birthday cake! Puppy cakes can be specially ordered, but … Read more

Dog Friendly Beaches Around New South Wales

dog friendly beaches new south wales

Are you considering walking your Cavoodle around different places in New South Wales? We’ve compiled a handy list of featured dog-friendly beaches that you’re able to travel to! Greenhills Beach Greenhills Beach is one of the quieter dog-friendly beaches in New South Wales. Located just outside of Sydney, this unpatrolled beach destination is an off-lead, … Read more

Why You Should Get a Cavoodle in 2020!

get a cavoodle 2020

If you’re thinking of buying a Cavoodle this year, don’t hesitate! It’s worth noting that last year was one of the best years to get a Cavoodle and 2020 is looking even better! Why get a Cavoodle in 2020? Cavoodles are great beginner dogs! They’re easy to train, and can be taught many different tricks. … Read more

Cavoodle Breeder Tips – Finding a Good Breeder in Australia

cavoodle breeder tips

Cavoodles were Australia’s most highly sought-after dog in 2019! Here’s how you can get your hands on one of these cuties through a Cavoodle breeder. Breeding 101 – Registered breeders are ethical breeders Cavoodle breeders need to meet a number of different requirements before they can sell puppies, but what are they? When looking for … Read more

The Best Parks in Victoria to Take Your Cavoodle

best parks victoria

Tired of walking around the same neighborhoods over and over? Take your Cavoodle somewhere exciting with that brand new leash you just bought! These are the best parks around Victoria that you absolutely must sniff out! Bunurong Coastal Reserve Hugging Victoria’s vast shoreline is the Bunurong Coastal Reserve, which features kilometres of shoreline and tall, … Read more

Best Exercise Tips for Your Cavoodle

cavoodle exercise tips

Exercise is important to your dog, but where do you start? The answer is surprisingly easy. Here are some of the best methods to exercise your Cavoodle to the fullest. Go for a walk to the local dog park The number one thing you can do to exercise your Cavoodle is to take them for … Read more