Why More Australians Were Considering a Cavoodle in 2019

more australians considering cavoodle

It’s no surprise that the Cavoodle is Australia’s most popular dog breed. They’re cute and cuddly and oh-so-sweet. Here’s why Australians were rushing to get their hands on this cute little Cavoodle Puppy in 2019! Designer Breeds are all the rage The Cavapoo is actually a designer dog breed! Many people love to have designer … Read more

How Long Do Cavoodles Live and How to Keep Them Healthy

how long cavoodles live

Getting your dog from a reputable breeder is the most basic step in making sure you enjoy the best things about Cavoodles for a very long time. Breeders that take their pedigree seriously are those that ensure healthy litters. They also breed out genetic imperfections to continue improving their designer line. If you’re adopting, that is … Read more