The Best Dog Parks in Western Australia to Take Your Cavoodle

There is no need to leave your Cavoodle at home when enjoying your holidays in Western Australia. There are plenty of dog-friendly areas and dog parks in Western Australia that you can enjoy with your 4-legged friend.

As a rule of thumb, state parks usually allow pets, although they must be leashed for most of the time. However, if you are looking for some different places where you can leave your pup off the lead, check out some of the best dog parks in Western Australia to take your Cavoodle:

Sir James McCusker Park

Just north of Perth, the Sir McCusker Park, in Joondalup, is a great option for a day in the outdoors. The park allows dogs to play and roam around off the lead while offering to their human companion amenities like picnics and barbecue areas. There is plenty of room to run and play, and the lake gifts the visitors an incredible and placid view. This is an excellent option for a pleasant day with your Cavoodle.

Abbett Park

Abbett Park is very popular among dog owners. This makes this park the perfect spot to bring your Cavoodle if you want him to interact with other dogs and make some new friends. The field is a vast open space and is also fully fenced, which adds some safety if you feel unsure about leaving your Cavapoo off-leash.

Millet Park

This is an all-time favourite that included everything you might want in a park. Dogs can walk off lead, there are lots of trails to explore, nature is abundant (the trees provide a welcoming shade in those hot summer days), and to top it off, a dog-friendly cafe. This may not be as big as some other parks but is loaded with fun areas to enjoy.

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Morris Mundy Reserve

Known for its kids’ playground, Morris Mundy is also a perfect option for your Cavoodle. The park has a large grassy area where dogs can play off the lead, and it’s great for exercising your pup. If your Cavoodle likes to play catch, make sure to bring a toy: this will get him the time of his life!

The reserve is located in a quiet street in Kensington, so this would be the ideal spot if you are looking for a chill day with your dog.

J.H. Abrahams Reserve

This reserve, also called Pelican Point, is perfect for a hot sunny day. The park is by the riverside and is filled with pathways that both you and your Cavoodle can enjoy.

Look for a sandy beach area if your dog feels like going for a splash, but make sure to keep him away from playground zones. The benches along the river also offer excellent opportunities to stop and admire the view while resting a bit from the walk.

Western Australia is a great region if you are looking to spend some time outside with your Cavoodle. With so many parks and reserves to enjoy, it is easy to find the perfect spot that will make you bring home lots of fun memories.

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