Tips for Grooming Your Cavoodle!

Cavoodles have wonderful coats that make them easy to care for.

What is the best way to care for a Cavoodle’s fur?

Use the right tool for the job

Grooming your Cavoodle is easier than you think, but can still pose a challenge to new owners. Cavoodles are prone to having curly coats thanks to their Poodle heritage. This means that their fur can become matted and tangled very easily.

Thankfully, you can keep this from happening by brushing your Cavoodle with any two-sided dog brush (there are lots of brushes on Amazon that will suit your Cavoodle’s needs perfectly).

The wire-side of a brush is fantastic for getting tangles out of your Cavoodle’s fur. Work through the tangles slowly, and they will eventually come apart. Once you go through your Cavoodle’s fur, you can then go over them with the bristle brush to make them shine.

Brush their fur frequently

The frequency that you brush your Cavoodle also helps! It’s recommended that you groom your Cavoodle several times a week to maintain their coat. Additionally, brushing them after a bath is incredibly important to reduce the number of matted tangles.

Grooming your Cavoodle is a bonding activity

Don’t worry about grooming too often. Cavoodles do need to be groomed very regularly to keep their fur healthy. Plus, they love it! Spending time with you is what Cavoodles love best, so by brushing them, you’re spending quality time with your pooch that will make them love you like crazy.

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Start with smaller areas

Work on your Cavoodle’s fur in patches, starting with the smaller, more manageable areas before moving up through the fur. The best place to begin is the back legs because then you can work out the tangles as you move up through their body. Much like with humans, you don’t want to be catching tangles as you brush down through the fur.

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How to deal with matted fur

Matted fur on your Cavoodle is not only ugly, but it’s also downright uncomfortable for your puppy. If you see matted fur, you should take care of it ASAP. The best way to do this is to work on it slowly, using a special de-matting comb. This will help get rid of all the built-up hair in the fur and smooth it out to something more manageable.

To prevent matted fur, it’s important to brush your Cavoodle several times weekly. Doing so will take out all the built-up fur in your Cavoodle’s coat, and make it more manageable to brush later on. Plus, regular brushings make your Cavoodle’s fur shine!

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Keep your Cavoodle happy!

Regular brushings are paramount to keeping your Cavoodle happy. It’s one of the many ways to do so! With attentive grooming, your Cavoodle can look and feel its best every day. Just like people, they are at their peak when they have a nice head of hair to show to the world.

Brushing is just one of many ways to care for your Cavoodle!

It’s important to keep tabs on all of their needs to ensure a happy, healthy Cavoodle!