What Size Do Australian Cavoodles Grow To?

Surely it’s got to be illegal to look that cute and that little bundle of joy right there is a Cavoodle puppy.😊

Cavoodles, a breed attained in the late 90s through the cross-breeding of a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has swept the hearts of people everywhere! One of Australia’s leading favourites, this breed is super friendly, adorable, loyal, and very outgoing.

Looking at such a cute doggo obviously softens your heart into getting one, so don’t you want to know how big these cuties get?

Let’s start with basic

Crossbreeding through a Poodle could go about two ways.

You could either use a Toy Poodle or a Miniature Poodle for breeding purposes. A Toy Poodle generally grows to 24-28 cms whereas a Miniature Poodle has an average height of 28-35 cms. To an extent, this determines the height and size of a Cavoodle as well.

Alongside this, what is most interesting is the physical features attributed to them through cross-breeding. They are hypoallergenic and their coats tend to range from brown, blonde, white, tawny, and black to sunset gold! They are extremely adorable and go on either of the parent breeds, that is, it could either have a poodle-like physique or a  Cavalier-like physique.

If bred with a Toy Poodle, the Toy Cavoodle could reach up to 28-35 cms when fully grown! If bred with the latter, that is, the Miniature (Mini) Poodle, it results in Mini Cavoodles that can stand up to 33-45 cms!

As you might have noticed, the height difference is not too significant and result in an average height of 28-33 cms thereby making it extremely safe to bond them with children and small pets in general. However, due to health problems caused by breeding a Toy Poodle, the usage of miniature Poodles is much larger.

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Mini Cavoodles

They are very outgoing, sporty and extremely energetic! A perfect jogging partner for you, complemented by their long legs and body making them fast and agile. Therefore, if you are one who enjoys sports or outdoor activities in general, this doggo has got to FIT your needs!

Toy Cavoodles

They are smaller in size and are great lap dogs. A little less sporty, more laid back due to its smaller legs and body but nevertheless, makes up for it by curling onto your lap! They are cute, small and an absolute bundle of fluffiness.

Due to their height, they are generally categorised into small dogs. All in all, Cavoodles are smart, affectionate, playful, and love the company of family and other pets. They are gentle in their approach and you can even train them, all due to their high intelligence and active thinking. Therefore, if you are looking for a pet, you might just wanna get one of these cuties!

Did you know?

Internationally, the Cavoodles are also called Cavadoo, Cavadoodle, Cavapoo, and Cavapoodle!

Cavoodles are small dogs that would make for a great pet! They aren’t as hyperactive as other breeds but thrive on human companionship.

Cavoodles are smart, affectionate, loyal and so damn cute! Want one? Now is a better time than ever!