What You Need to Know About Toilet Training Your Cavoodle Puppy

cavoodle toilet training

After getting a new Cavoodle puppy, one of the first things someone must do is start the toilet training process. Since your young pup won’t master this overnight, the sooner you start, the better. It can be very challenging, and if you don’t have previous experience with toilet training a puppy, here’s everything you need … Read more

Are There Health Problems with Cavoodles? (It’s Surprising!)

second generation cavoodles

Do you know the difference between the first, second, and later generations of Cavoodles? You may have heard that certain breeders only breed first-generation pups, which raises the question: are there health problems with second-generation Cavoodles? Summary First generation Cavoodles are usually healthier and more pure First generation Cavoodles are generally more expensive Second generation … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Australian Cavoodles in 2022

everything about australian cavoodles

The Cavoodle, also known as Cavapoo, is one of the most popular dog breeds in Australia, and with reason: Cavoodles are adorable, have a sweet personality, and can adapt to pretty much any lifestyle! Here’s everything you need to know about Australian Cavoodles. Designer crossbreed Cavoodles are considered to be a designer breed. The breed … Read more

How Much Do Cavoodles Sleep?

cavoodles sleep

After a long day of walking, training, and playing, your Cavoodle will be absolutely pooped. While it’s natural for a Cavoodle to sleep after rigorous exercise, how much sleep do Cavoodles sleep on average? How Long Do Cavoodles Sleep? Cavoodles sleep for most of the day! Like all mammals, dogs need a certain amount of … Read more