Mini Goldendoodles for Sale in Oregon

If you are looking for a smart, loving, and caring dog, the Mini Goldendoodle is exactly what you need just because it is a perfect pet for any family.

There are a lot of breeders producing Mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Oregon. However, you should do your best to find a reliable breeder to deal with.

Where To Buy A Mini Goldendoodle in Oregon?

There are lots of options for buying a Mini Goldendoodle in Oregon, however, we have chosen the best-rated options we could find.

Power Goldendoodles


They produce healthy, well-socialized, and beautiful puppies including the Mini Goldendoodle breed. They hand-deliver to most Oregon locations.

Wonderland Farm Goldendoodles


Located in Eugene, Oregon, and is the only breeder that is a member of the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA).

Big Oak Ranch


They are experienced breeders located in Oregon outside of Portland in a town named Yamhill.

Oregon Live


This website offers Portland and Oregon classifieds where you can find breeders of Mini Goldendoodle puppies.

Uptown Puppies


You may find the perfect Mini Goldendoodle puppies on this online “puppy finder” website from several locations including Oregon.

Things To Consider When Buying A Mini Goldendoodle

1. Signs of a responsible Mini Goldendoodle breeder

If the decision to bring a cute Mini Goldendoodle puppy home has been made, the next step you should take is to find a trustworthy breeder in your area. This process can be really hard if you are not quite sure what to look for in a breeder. Keep in mind that a reliable Mini Goldendoodle breeder in Oregon should:

  • Be knowledgeable about the Mini Goldendoodle breed
  • Be very concerned about the quality of life their puppies will have
  • Ask a potential buyer some questions about his/her family and lifestyle
  • Keep the puppies until they are 8 weeks old
  • Provide all the necessary information about raising, feeding and training the puppy

It’s worth mentioning that the right breeder will always be ready to show you all puppies in a litter and at least one of their parents.

2. Questions to ask a Mini Goldendoodle breeder

If you have done your homework and managed to find a responsible breeder providing Mini Goldendoodles for sale in Oregon, do not forget to ask the breeder some questions before buying the puppy.

It’s very important to know how long the breeder has been producing the Mini Goldendoodles. Ask the breeder to tell you more about the characteristics and temperament of this fabulous breed. You should also find out if the puppies’ parents have been tested for genetic diseases to make sure that you will get a healthy puppy.

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The breeder must be ready to refund the money if some genetic disease occurs during the puppy’s life. And if for some reason you become unable to keep the dog, a reliable breeder will take it back and find a new home for it. Let’s imagine the situation that you have found the right Mini Goldendoodle breeder in Oregon. How will you choose your ideal puppy in a litter?

3. Check the physical health of the Mini Goldendoodle puppies

In most cases, people who want to buy a puppy are not veterinarians. So, it’s hard for them to understand if the Mini Goldendoodle puppy is really healthy. However, there are common things you should take into account prior to making the final choice.

  • Evaluate the energy level of the puppy
  • Examine the puppy’s eyes
  • Check if there are any signs of ear infection
  • Look at the puppy’s abdomen and genitals
  • Check the hearing

If the Mini Goldendoodle puppy looks healthy, there is no need to hesitate. However, you should also check the behavior of the puppy before you bring it home.

4. Watch the Mini Goldendoodle’s behavior

It is very important to choose a puppy that is not just cute but behaves properly as well. That’s why you should spend some time and watch the way the puppy behaves to make sure that it doesn’t have any unpleasant character traits. Try to answer the following questions in order to choose the right puppy.

Do the Mini Goldendoodle puppy-like people? How does the puppy behave with other dogs? Is the puppy afraid of loud noises? Does the Mini Goldendoodle puppy like to be touched?

5. Choose the Mini Goldendoodle puppy that melts your heart

There is no doubt about the fact that you should take into account your own preferences when choosing a Mini Goldendoodle puppy. You may fall in love with some puppy and consider no other puppies at all. If this situation occurs, take the puppy that you like and it will definitely make you happy.

The Mini Goldendoodle is a dog that can fill your life with fantastic emotions. Reliable found breeders in Oregon will help you become the owner of the most adorable pet.