Training Your Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

Bringing home the Mini Goldendoodle puppy is so exciting and, of course, all members of your family will fall in love with this pet the moment they see it. But this puppy is not just a funny teddy bear.

The dog may become disobedient if not trained properly. Find out how to teach your dog.

1. The best age to start training your Mini Goldendoodle

Young puppies have very short attention spans. That’s why first lessons should last just for a few minutes. You should start teaching your Mini Goldendoodle puppy at the age of 7 or 8 weeks. At this age, you will be able to teach your pet such basic commands as:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay

Training a young Mini Goldendoodle puppy is challenging, but rewarding. However, this breed is known to be smart and intelligent. So, your puppy will easily learn these simple commands. You just need to be consistent.

Goldendoodle on a Leash

2. Why consistency is important in training your Mini Goldendoodle

Consistency is key to successful training. Even the smartest puppies need consistency to be able to learn what they have to do. Create your own training program and stick to it. Train your Mini Goldendoodle puppy on a schedule. Make sure that you teach your puppy the same way each time.

Otherwise, the Mini Goldendoodle will get confused and not be able to understand what you need from it. Avoid training your dog if you feel exhausted or frustrated.

3. Obedience training methods to teach your Mini Goldendoodle

When your Mini Goldendoodle puppy is between 4 and 6 months of age, it is the right time to begin obedience lessons. There are 4 efficient dog training methods that can help you achieve positive results:

  • Clicker training
  • Rewards of food
  • Rewards of praise
  • Rewards of toys
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Each puppy’s character is different. So, you will have to choose the method that will work best for your Mini Goldendoodle puppy. Clicker training is a very popular technique. It involves using a device that produces a clicking sound. Your puppy will start associating this clicking sound with the reward.

Over time, you will be able to pair this method with a toy or praise reward. If your dog is very enthusiastic about eating, you can use food rewards during the training process.

It is extremely important to maintain your Mini Goldendoodle’s attention during training sessions. Food will help you do that.

Goldendoodle Sitting on a Bench

4. Build a positive relationship with your Mini Goldendoodle

You should do your best to build a good relationship with your puppy from the very first day. Shouting at your dog or punishing it for accidents is not recommended. Learn to redirect your Mini Goldendoodle’s bad behavior immediately. Your puppy can feel that you are unhappy.

The change in your facial expression or voice will help your Mini Goldendoodle understand that you are not pleased with the way it behaves.

Try to find enough time to spend with your dog. Stay patient and positive. It will help you bond with your dog and make the training process run smoothly.
The Mini Goldendoodles are incredibly fun-loving and playful. The dog wants to make everyone happy. Your puppy needs you.