7 Mini Goldendoodle for Sale in Utah

The Mini Goldendoodle is a relatively new breed that has already gained huge popularity among dog owners due to its high intelligence and unique personality traits.

If you are planning to buy the Mini Goldendoodle puppy in Utah soon, you should know that there are different generations of the breed. Find out which one is your perfect match.

Where To Buy A Mini Goldendoodle in Utah?

There are lots of options for buying a Mini Goldendoodle in Oregon, however, we have chosen the best-rated options we could find.

Rose Canyon Doodles

Website: rosecanyondoodles.com

A family-owned and focuses primarily on Mini Goldendoodles and Mini Bernedoodles. Located in Herriman, Utah.

Artisan Doodles

Website: artisandoodles.com

They offer a breeding program for Mini Goldendoodle puppies. Located in Springville, Utah.

Mini Doodle Doggies

Website: minidoodledoggies.com

After a lot of research, they fell in love with the Mini Goldendoodle breed. They’ve been in the breeding business for nearly 20 years now.

Copper Canyon Doodles

Website: coppercanyondoodles.com

They’re a family of doodle lovers. Located in Utah, USA.

Uptown Puppies

Website: uptownpuppies.com

You may find the perfect Mini Goldendoodle puppies on this online “puppy finder” website from several locations including Utah.

Breeds of Mini Goldendoodle in Utah

1. F1 Mini Goldendoodles

The Mini Goldendoodle is a cross between the purebred Golden Retriever and the Toy Poodle. The Mini Goldendoodle puppies that belong to the first generation are 50% Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever. In fact, it is the classic Mini Goldendoodle and probably the most popular one.

The research has shown that the F1 Mini Goldendoodles are healthier in comparison with the other generations. It can be explained by the fact that inbreeding may cause genetic defects in some cases. This dog is a great choice for people with mild allergies. It is a low-shedding dog that may have one of the following coat types:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly

2. F1B Mini Goldendoodles in Utah

The Mini Goldendoodle breeders in Utah produce not just F1 puppies. You can also find puppies that belong to F1B generation. Traditionally, these puppies are 75% Poodle and just 25% Golden Retriever.

Some dog lovers prefer this type of Mini Goldendoodle because the puppies are known to be non-shedding and hypoallergenic. The F1B dogs have wavy or curly coats. So, it is a perfect choice for people suffering from mild or severe allergies. However, you should keep in mind that regular grooming is still required.

3. F1BB Mini Goldendoodle for sale in Utah

If you want to have the Mini Goldendoodle with more Poodle genetics, you should definitely think about buying the F1BB Mini Goldendoodle puppy. Your dog will be 87.5% Poodle and 12.5% Golden Retriever.

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The F1BB Mini Goldendoodle is the most non-shedding and hypoallergenic dog in comparison with the other generations. If you choose to buy this type of Mini Goldendoodle, remember that your puppy is likely to have a very curly coat. You must be ready to brush it on a daily basis. Grooming is required every couple of months.

4. F2 Mini Goldendoodles to buy in Utah

There are a lot of breeders in Utah offering different types of Mini Goldendoodle puppies. The F2 Mini Goldendoodle is the result of the cross between the two F1 Mini Goldendoodles. That means that F2 Mini Goldendoodle is 50% Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever as well. So, what is the most important information you should know about this Mini Goldendoodle generation?

  • Coat type is hard to predict
  • The dog is not recommended for people with allergies
  • May have some health concerns

In fact, some breeders in Utah refuse to breed F2 Mini Goldendoodle puppies just because there are still a lot of unanswered questions about this generation.

5. F2B Mini Goldendoodles for sale in Utah

The adorable pets belonging to F2B Mini Goldendoodle generation are a cross between the F1 Mini Goldendoodle and the F1B Mini Goldendoodle. You will get the Mini Goldendoodle that is 62.5% Poodle and 37.5% Golden Retriever. In most cases, these puppies have wavy or curly coats. They are likely to be hypoallergenic, but definitely not the best option for everyone.

6. F2BB Mini Goldendoodles in Utah

Looking for a perfect family pet in Utah? Think about buying the F2BB Mini Goldendoodle puppy. This puppy is a cross between the F2B Mini Goldendoodle and the purebred Poodle. Your puppy will have 81.25% of Poodle genetics and 18.75% Golden Retriever. This Mini Goldendoodle generation is an excellent option for people with severe allergies.

7. F3 Mini Goldendoodle puppies in Utah

Some reputable dog breeders provide F3 Mini Goldendoodles for sale in Utah. The third generation of Mini Goldendoodles can be obtained by crossing two F1B or two F2 Mini Goldendoodles. In fact, it is a complicated generation and not a very popular one.

In some cases, it’s hard to predict what characteristics your dog will have when it grows up. Despite all these difficulties and uncertainties, some people prefer to buy the F3 Mini Goldendoodles because they are more like Retrievers than Poodles.

The Mini Goldendoodle is a perfect pet for families with kids. It doesn’t matter which type of Mini Goldendoodle you choose. You will get a devoted friend and companion anyway.