Best Indestructible Dog Crate

best indestructible dog crate

At some point, almost every dog owner will need to crate their pet, whether it’s for traveling, a trip to the vet, evacuating, you never know. Some people may feel guilty doing so. Perhaps the bars resemble a “doggy jail.” In reality, dogs feel safe in small spaces like crates (think wolves and caves),  and … Read more

Best Chew Proof Dog Leash (Retractable)

best unchewable dog leash

In a perfect world, our dogs could roam free with no worries. But it’s not, and there are all sorts of dangers out there from speeding cars to unrestrained aggressive animals. Often referred to as your “Pet’s Lifeline,” a leash is the law on public property in most municipalities. Its intention is the safety of … Read more

Best Non-Chewable Dog Collars

best non-chewable dog collars

Ask any dog owner. Dogs are notorious chewers. Some of the reasons are normal. Puppies chew to explore the world much like babies that put a new toy straight into the mouth. Puppies may also chew to relieve the pain of teething while older dogs are attempting to keep their jaws strong. But the main … Read more