What Are Designer Dogs? Compared to Mixed Breeds

In today’s world of everything on-demand, it is no surprise that the word Designer Dog has arrived. Is it all about having that perfect Instagram picture of your dog, or are we talking about something else entirely?

What is a Designer Dog?

A designer dog is a dog breed from two purebred parents. They are a specific mix of dogs designed to create a specific designer dog as a result of cross-breeding. Knowing exactly who and what their parents are gives you a very predictable puppy with very specific traits.

Cute Cavoodle Laying Down
Designer Dog – Cavoodle Puppy

We talk a lot about such breeds on this website, mainly related to Poodle cross-breeds. Things like Cavoodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles are all dogs that have specific heritage and lineage. They are all designer dogs

What is a Mixed Breed Dog?

Any other mixed breed dog by comparison is just a mixture of two different breed parents. The exact heritage of the parents is probably not known and the outcome will be a bit of a surprise, in many ways.

There could be issues with the puppy’s behavior, or it could end up having diseases that could have been avoided. You just don’t know.

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