How Far Can a Cavoodle Walk?

Walking is one of the most important activities for a dog, moderate and high-energy breeds, like the Cavoodle, need their share of exercises to keep them active and happy.

More than that, walking with your Cavoodle is a great way to grow the bond between the two of you. But how far can a Cavoodle walk?

How long is long enough?

Typically, a dog should be getting at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise or other activities per day. This includes not only on-leash walks but also off-leash, playtime, and training in general. Cavoodles can sleep for long hours per day, so when they are awake, make sure his body and brain are getting plenty of stimuli.

Depending on the age and energy level of your Cavoodle, you can break that into two or more walks or provide some fun games and training sessions at home to engage with him. If your availability is limited, make sure to provide your Cavoodle at least a 30-minute walk every day.

How far can the Cavoodle walk?

Cavoodles are generally small dogs, so don’t expect him to go to distance like large breeds. However, what Cavoodles lack in size they make up for their energy and excitement. Cavoodles can be great hiking companions, considering they are healthy and active.

If your Cavoodle is not used to long distances, start with short walks, like a 2 or 3 km trail. Observe how your dog behaves and if he shows any sign of exhaustion, like excessive panting and slowing down.

When properly habituated to long walks, an adult Cavoodle can easily do 10 to 15 km per day, provided they get some rest breaks every now and then, plenty of water, and some snacks to keep their energy up.

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Young pups or senior dogs may not be as resistant and not suitable for long walks.

Hiking and long walks tips for Cavoodles

If you plan to stay out with your Cavoodle for long, take note of some essential tips to ensure you both enjoy your day out:

  • Bring lots of water. Carry some water bottles and a small or collapsible bowl so your dog can hydrate himself whenever needed. Plan to have enough water for you, your Cavoodle, and whoever is joining you on the hike.
  • Avoid long walks on excessively hot days. If possible, look for shadows to avoid overheating your Cavoodle.
  • Give him extra food. During long exercises, your Cavoodle’s calorie needs will go up. Always bring snacks with you that are appropriate for dogs, like treats, biscuits, or dog energy bars.
  • Take breaks often. Cavoodles are small in size and their tiny legs may get tired of all the walking. Schedule some stops so you two can rest up a bit before continuing. Use the opportunity to offer water and treats to your Cavoodle.

Cavoodles are great companions and can adapt quickly to any lifestyle.

If you are looking for a pal to join your long walks, the Cavoodle can be a great choice. Just remember to respect his pace and provide the best conditions for a prolonged stay outdoors.