Cavoodle Breeder Tips – Finding a Good Breeder in Australia

Cavoodles were Australia’s most highly sought-after dog in 2019! Here’s how you can get your hands on one of these cuties through a Cavoodle breeder.

Breeding 101 – Registered breeders are ethical breeders

Cavoodle breeders need to meet a number of different requirements before they can sell puppies, but what are they?

When looking for a Cavoodle breeder, one of the things a breeder must-have is a breeder ID number (also called a supply number). Breeders in Australia need to adhere to certain regulations before they can breed and sell any dogs. One of these requirements is a Breeder ID number, which is an identification that says they are legally allowed to sell puppies.

Australian breeders can register with a breeder association, which supplies them with a breeder ID number. Breeder associations generally hold their members to a high code of ethics, which looks out for the dog’s well-being. Breeders with an ID number are more likely to have healthy, socialised dogs for sale.

Cavoodles should go from one good home to another

What does the breeding area look like? More often than not the cleanliness of a breeding operation is almost as important as the breeder’s credentials. A clean, well-kept yard and ample space for a litter of puppies to play is a good indicator of a respectable breeder.

Additionally, look at the state of the kennel space, as well as how the dogs react to the breeder. Your Cavoodle’s behaviour will speak volumes about the breeder you’re buying from!

A Good Cavoodle breeder focuses on one litter at a time

Cavoodles are very profitable for breeders, with Cavoodle puppies selling for upwards of $2500 AUD. This high price makes them incredibly attractive for puppy mills. Breeders that advertise many different litters ready to go may be cause for concern, as it could affect the quality and health of your resulting Cavoodle.

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One litter at a time ensures good health for the mother as well as her puppies. Generally, a dog shouldn’t have more than one litter a year; this time frame gives the mother time to wean and bond with her puppies, as well as gives her some rest between litters.

Vaccinations and Microchips

It is required by law in Australia that dogs are properly vaccinated, and in some cases, even micro-chipped. This ensures that the health of the dog is the best it can be, and will not pass the disease onto other, healthy dogs. Your chosen breeder should have these documents on hand.

Look for official seals, and don’t take photocopies! Photocopied versions are not official documentation, and you could face a fine.

If the breeder cannot (or will not) give you vaccination or microchip records, find another breeder. It is incredibly important to know that your puppy has been taken care of in this regard, as their health depends on it!

The best thing you can do to buy a Cavoodle in Australia is to research the breeders in your area. Find one that you can trust, and you’ll have your Cavoodle puppy in no time!