Why Should I Get a Cavoodle?

get a cavoodle

If you’re already intent on getting a dog but haven’t decided on a breed, look no further! A Cavoodle is definitely your best option in our opinion. 😊 The Cavoodle is among the most popular designer breeds in Australia, that didn’t just happen by accident. These puppies are so popular because they really do make … Read more

Are There Health Problems with Cavoodles? (It’s Surprising!)

second generation cavoodles

Do you know the difference between the first, second, and later generations of Cavoodles? You may have heard that certain breeders only breed first-generation pups, which raises the question: are there health problems with second-generation Cavoodles? Summary First generation Cavoodles are usually healthier and more pure First generation Cavoodles are generally more expensive Second generation … Read more

Know Your Dog Friendly Beaches Around Victoria

dog friendly beaches around victoria

Luckily, there are some fantastic dog-friendly beaches around Victoria! These are some of the highest-rated dog beaches in the Victoria area. Are you looking for a new place to take your Cavoodle? Are you also located in the beautiful Victoria area? Hawker Beach There are plenty of places around Victoria to take your Cavoodle, but … Read more

How Much Do Cavoodles Sleep?

cavoodles sleep

After a long day of walking, training, and playing, your Cavoodle will be absolutely pooped. While it’s natural for a Cavoodle to sleep after rigorous exercise, how much sleep do Cavoodles sleep on average? How Long Do Cavoodles Sleep? Cavoodles sleep for most of the day! Like all mammals, dogs need a certain amount of … Read more

How to Groom Your Cavoodle

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Cavoodles are generally low-care dogs that don’t need a lot to be happy. However, you do need to groom your Cavoodle to keep their coat looking its best. Bathe your Cavoodle The first step to groom your Cavoodle is to bathe them. Cleaning their coat gets rid of oils and dirt that are stuck in … Read more

How Much Really Do Cavoodles Bark?

how much cavoodles bark

Cavoodles, like other dog species, use barking to communicate with each other. The question is, how much do Cavoodles bark? Barking is a means to communicate Cavoodles bark when they’re hungry, fussy, or just plain bored. It’s important as a Cavoodle owner to take note of when you Cavoodle barks, so you can best see … Read more

What is a Cavoodle’s Temperament Like?

cavoodles temperament

A Cavoodle’s temperament makes them ideal candidates for family living. What is it about Cavoodles that makes them so popular? Today, we are going to help you come up with the answer to this important question. Read on to learn more about Cavoodles. Cavoodles are well-known family dogs Many Australians opt for a Cavoodle because … Read more