Cavoodle Prices During the COVID-19 Pandemic

cavoodle prices covid19

The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world has forced everyone to change their habits. Many countries established lockdowns. People had to go into quarantine, avoid social contact and stay home as much as possible. This created a sense of loneliness in some people, especially those away from their family and friends. Because of that, … Read more

Dog-Friendly Beaches Around the Australian Capital Territory

dog friendly beaches australia

Did you know that Canberra was once considered the most dog-friendly in Australia? Pet owners have plenty of spaces they can share with their pooch while spending time in the Australian Capital Territory. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure with your Cavoodle, check out below some of the best dog-friendly beaches around the … Read more

Differences Between A Groodle And A Cavoodle

groodle cavoodle difference

When looking for some particular mixed breeds, you might come across names such as Groodle, or Goldendoodle. They might have some similarities with the Cavoodle, as the name suggests, but they are two different breeds, each with their own characteristics. But first, let’s learn about Groodles. What is a Groodle? A Groodle, also known as … Read more

The Best Dog Parks in Northern Territory to Take Your Cavoodle

dog parks northern territory

Did you know that the Northern Territory has over 50 national parks, reserves, and conservation areas? No doubt, the Northern Territory is perfect for those who love the outdoors. And a field trip to nature isn’t complete without your Cavoodle best friend! Although most national reserves don’t allow pets, several smaller parks in the region … Read more

Why Should I Get a Cavoodle?

get a cavoodle

If you’re already intent on getting a dog but haven’t decided on a breed, look no further! A Cavoodle is definitely your best option in our opinion. 😊 The Cavoodle is among the most popular designer breeds in Australia, that didn’t just happen by accident. These puppies are so popular because they really do make … Read more