How Big Does a Cavoodle Get On Average?

Cavoodles are Australia’s perfect small dog breed and there is no question about this.

But how small is small, exactly? How big does a Cavoodle get? Now, it’s time to get the answers.

Cavoodles are small dogs

A Cavoodle is classified as a small dog. This means that they can fit in your lap comfortably. Their size makes them the ideal house pet for families and single people alike.

Because they don’t take up much space, this makes them adequately suited for apartment life as well, so long as they have access to daily walks and plenty of exercises. This is important because, for such small dogs, Cavoodles have the energy to burn!

Puppy Cavoodle
Puppy Cavoodle

Small enough to fit in a purse

While they aren’t on the level of a chihuahua for being purse pooches, Cavoodles can easily fit in a tote or bag. They don’t get much taller than 35 cm, which is perfect for carrying around under your arm. They also don’t get much heavier than 10 kg. They’re kind of like lovable bags of potatoes to carry about.

The difference between Toy and Miniature Cavoodles

Toy Cavoodles and Miniature Cavoodles, while both come from Poodle parents, vary quite a bit in both height and weight. Toy Cavoodles are the smaller of the two, weighing at most 8kg and standing roughly 25 cm tall. Miniature Cavoodles are a bit bigger, weighing as much as 25kg and standing 45 cm tall.

Three Cute Cavoodles

Which Cavoodle should I get?

Toy Cavoodles and Mini Cavoodles are functionally the same; they’re both loving, playful, loyal dogs that would love to be by your side forever. Their needs are also very similar, with the major difference being the amount of food they should eat. There are also minor differences with health defects that you should be watchful for, but that depends on the parent’s genetics more than the breed itself.

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Cavoodles are great with children

Their small size makes Cavoodles great pets for families with children. They are fairly lightweight dogs and don’t rough house too much, so they are perfect for children as young as 6 years old. Because of this, many people choose Cavoodles simply because they’re a great fit for any family unit – large or small!

Cute Cavoodle Dog

The perfect size for your heart

Cavoodles of either sub-breed (toy or mini) is perfect for any family unit. They’re small enough to play with children, big enough for a small family, and overall the perfect size to share your home. Cavoodles don’t need a lot of space to run around, and as long as you’re giving them plenty of exercise, your Cavoodle will be a happy puppy.

Should you get a Cavoodle?

Are you someone who loves dogs of all shapes and sizes? Do you want a loyal puppy that doesn’t shed too much? Cavoodles are not only perfectly sized for every person, but also come with a variety of low-maintenance perks that make the breed entirely desirable!

Cavoodles don’t get very big, but they make a huge impact on your life.

If you’re considering a Cavoodle, find out what you should expect with this bundle of love!