How Much Should You Exercise Your Cavoodle?

Like all dogs, Cavoodles need to be exercised regularly in order to stay happy and healthy. But how much is considered “regular” for a Cavoodle? Let’s try to get the answer to this important question right now.

How long is a good walk?

Many people think that in order for a puppy to be happy, they should be walked until they are too tired to walk anymore (and consequently have to be carried home like the babies they are). Don’t do this! Dogs are not machines, and – like people – need time to rest.

The recommended length of a good walk is between 30 minutes and two hours. This is more than enough time to exercise your Cavoodle and keep them happy for the rest of the day!

Should you exercise your Cavoodle more than once a day?

Depending on your Cavoodle’s energy level, one walk a day should be more than sufficient to keep them healthy. If you also take them out to play, one walk is more than enough. However, some people take their dogs out twice or even three times a day! As long as your Cavoodle is getting at least 30 minutes of exercise.

Good ways to exercise your Cavoodle

A walk is a default go-to for exercising your dog. It’s simple, and all you need to bring along are some poo bags (very important!) and a lead. After that, it’s a piece of cake. If you get bored of walking, you can always take a trip down to the nearest off-lead dog park as well. Get your Cavoodle moving by running, throwing a ball, or just taking a brisk walk through the park.

What should you avoid when exercising your Cavoodle?

While walking is a great way to exercise your puppy, there are some things to keep in mind!

  • Don’t walk/run for long periods of time on very hot days.
  • If it can be avoided, don’t walk during the peak of the afternoon when everything is blisteringly hot. If not, bring plenty of water, put booties on your Cavoodle, and go for a short walk.
  • Don’t ride a bike with your Cavoodle on the lead. Not only is it against the law in some states (such as NSW and South Australia), it poses a very real and dangerous risk to your Cavoodle!
  • Wait a while after eating before going for a walk.
  • Just like humans don’t go swimming after eating, you can cause some intestinal discomfort and complications if you immediately set out on a walk after a meal. Give it 30 minutes to an hour before you walk your Cavoodle.
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What should you do to prepare for your walk?

Among the most obvious things such as making sure your Cavoodle has their harness or lead, you should also plan to bring plenty of water on your trip. Even if you only plan on being out for an hour, water is a must bring.

Other optional accessories include booties to traverse the hot ground, and a ball or flying disc to toss around once you get to your destination. As long as you have the essentials, you are free to go out and play as much as you want!

Your Cavoodle will let you know when they’re done

Don’t force your Cavoodle to be out longer than they want to be. When they insist on resting, that’s a good indicator that they’re ready to head home. Of course, you might be ready to go home before they are! Learn your puppy’s tells, and the rest will be easy.

When exercising your Cavoodle, remember that they should set the pace.

A Cavoodle owner doesn’t have to be very fit to keep up with this breed, so walks are not super stressful.