What You Need to Know About Toilet Training Your Cavoodle Puppy

After getting a new Cavoodle puppy, one of the first things someone must do is start the toilet training process. Since your young pup won’t master this overnight, the sooner you start, the better.

It can be very challenging, and if you don’t have previous experience with toilet training a puppy, here’s everything you need to know?

Be patient

Your young Cavoodle will most likely pick up on new things fairly quickly, but it will take some days for him to understand what’s right and what’s not when it comes to using the toilet. You must understand that this is a brand new environment for him and that he is still learning how to behave around the house.

Don’t yell or punish your Cavoodle if he misses the right spot and ends up going to the wrong place. This will only get him stressed and fearful. Accidents happen! Remember to always be loving and caring, especially during his first few weeks in the new home.

Reward is key

There are numerous benefits in using positive training with your Cavoodle. Rewarding your puppy every time he gets it right will make him confident about what he is supposed to do and what you expect of him.

You can reward your Cavoodle with praise using your best voice (like scratching his ears while saying “good boy/girl”) or with a small treat or even with his favourite toy. The important is that he understands that he did something good — and that will make him want to do it again and again to recreate that feel-good sensation.

If an accident happens and he does something in the wrong place, just ignore it. Don’t be mad at him or correct him as this might ruin all the good work he’s been accomplished so far. Just plain ignore it and clean it without making a fuss. For better results, use a proper product to eliminate the urine odour so your Cavoodle doesn’t go back to the same spot attracted by the smell.

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Pick a spot — and stick to it

During the learning phase, it’s best to select a designated spot to be his toilet and don’t change it. When toilet training your Cavoodle puppy, it will be easier for him to remember and associate where is his toilet if he is always taken to the same place every time, be it a garden, a backyard, or a specific area indoor.

Create a routine

Take your Cavoodle to the toilet area first thing in the morning. After a long night of sleep, dogs will want to go to the toilet. So take him there every morning and wait for him to finish before letting him go. If you stick with this routine every day, he will soon learn that he has a designated time to go to the toilet.

You can add other toilet breaks during the day, like morning and afternoon walks or a last call in the late evening before bed. Dogs like routines and when they learn that he will have a set time to go out to use the toilet, he will learn to wait for those moments.

Remember: young dogs may have much more toilet needs than adult dogs, as they don’t have full control of their bladder just yet. Make sure to give him plenty of toilet breaks during the day!

With patience and consistency, your Cavoodle will pretty soon understand the rules of his new home.

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