What Do Cavoodle Puppies Eat?

When it comes to caring for your Cavoodle puppy, food is one of the top priorities.

However, their dietary requirements can often change from dog to dog, and even throughout the Cavoodle’s lifespan. So what do Cavoodle puppies really eat?

Cavoodles have different dietary requirements throughout their life

As a Cavoodle grows, the pet food that Cavoodle puppies eat changes as well. From puppyhood to adulthood, the dietary requirements for a dog must fit the needs of the dog at its current stage of life. This can range from a high calcium diet to one more rich in proteins as your Cavoodle gets older. Your vet will be able to recommend the right diet for your Cavoodle.

Feeding your Cavoodle starts before they’re born

When your Cavoodle is pregnant with puppies, it’s recommended that you feed them a protein and fat-rich diet. This helps the mother dog produce nutritionally dense milk for the first stages of a puppy’s life. Because a puppy needs to be weaned for 8-12 weeks, this forms the foundation of the Cavoodle puppy’s nutrition.

After this point, the puppy can be fed a diet of age-appropriate food, which generally means specially branded puppy food. Your vet will have more information with regard to each puppy’s needs.

Young Cavoodle puppies eat more protein than older dogs

As your Cavoodle puppy comes off of their mother’s milk, they still need more protein and fat than an adult dog. This is because puppies (especially Cavoodle puppies) have more energy than their adult counterparts. Not only are they using that energy to run and play, but also to grow up into young, healthy adults.

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Cavoodle puppies eat more often than adults

Cavoodle puppies should be eating 3 – 4 times a day, and sometimes as often as 5. This is due largely because of their smaller stomachs. However, they do not eat as much per meal; smaller portions ensure that the puppies don’t eat too much too fast, and risk getting sick.

Adult Cavoodles eat balanced meals

When your Cavoodle is an adult, they can start eating more well-rounded diets. Nutritionally balanced dog foods are great for Cavoodles because it gives them a good portion of protein, fat, and nutrients that they need to survive. Coupled with regular feeding, your Cavoodle will be a healthy, happy adult in no time.

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Senior dogs will need even more specialised diets

As a Cavoodle age, their needs become more varied. Talking to your vet will determine what nutrients your Cavoodle needs more of, and how often they should be fed. In some cases, an older dog may need to be fed more like a puppy – frequent, small meals of specially formulated wet or dry dog food.

Care for your Cavoodle at every stage of life

Your Cavoodle’s needs will vary from dog to dog. Sometimes they’ll need more of one food than another. By staying in touch with your veterinarian, you can determine the best possible natural and commercial pet foods for your Cavoodle at each point in their life, from birth to old age.

Watching what your Cavoodle puppies eat is important in ensuring that they stay happy and healthy.

Cavoodles are one of the more expensive breeds to buy, but caring for them makes it all worth it.

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