Teach Your Cavoodle Puppy These 8 Easy Tricks

Cavoodles are very smart dogs and love learning new things. Try these tricks to teach your Cavoodle as a puppy.

Start simple; teach your Cavoodle how to “Sit”

Sit is one of the most recognizable tricks to teach your Cavoodle. In fact, many people often start by training their dog to sit. This trick is important for many other behavioural tricks, as teaching your Cavoodle how to sit can act as a base for other, more complex tricks.

Start by rewarding your dog when they sit and introduce the command. This gets them used to hearing the command, and they will recognize that “sit” means a treat. After a while, you can remove the treat, but always use positive reinforcement!

“Stay” is harder, but many Cavoodles learn it fairly quickly

Another fundamental trick to teach your Cavoodle is the command “Stay”. Aside from keeping your dog in one place, it can also keep them out of danger if they tend to wander. Teaching your Cavoodle to stay is perfect if you want them to remain still for mealtimes, or if you don’t want them to follow you somewhere.

Want more playtime? Teach your Cavoodle “Fetch”

What’s better than throwing a stick for your Cavoodle? Getting them to bring it back! Cavoodles live to please their owners, and they love to play. Teach your dog that playtime can continue as long as they fetch you whatever you throw!

This is also an easy trick to teach your Cavoodle, as they generally grasp the concept quickly. Teach your Cavapoo how to fetch, and see your playtime extend drastically.

Cavoodles love to “Beg”, and it’s way too cute!

Begging is the act of your Cavoodle sitting on their hind legs and raising their front paws. This is useful to ask for treats, and it is oh so adorable. It is recommended to teach your Cavoodle how to sit first before attempting to teach them this trick.

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As well, be aware that your Cavoodle may “beg” to get treats when you don’t want them to. Be prepared to deal with this accordingly!

“Shake” your Cavoodle’s paw with this handy trick

Another dog trick staple! Shake it when you ask for a paw, and your Cavoodle should give it to you! This is a bit of a difficult one to teach, as occasionally your dog may be tempted just to lie on their side. However, once you get it, it’s a great way to get your Cavoodle to trust you with their paws!

“Spin” to win (your heart!)

Not a useful trick, but a very cute one. Teaching your Cavoodle to spin like a top is incredibly adorable, and tuckers them out pretty fast. Spin is a trick more for show than anything useful, but both you and your Cavoodle should have fun with it.

“Rollover” for a tummy rub with this cute trick

Once you teach your dog how to sit and lay down, you can teach your Cavoodle how to roll over! This is another trick just for show, but it is very cute seeing your puppy roll on their back and try to get up.

“Come Here” and enjoy a snuggle with your Cavoodle

Come here is a command that is perfect for calling your dog to you. Teaching your Cavoodle to come when called is useful in off-leash parks to call your dog to you. It’s also great for other situations in which your Cavoodle needs to stay close. You can also use the “Come Here” command in conjunction with other tricks, such as fetch!

Teaching your Cavoodle new tricks is simple! Starting with these 8 easy tricks is a perfect way to train your Cavoodle as a puppy.