How Much Do Cavoodles Sleep?

After a long day of walking, training, and playing, your Cavoodle will be absolutely pooped.

While it’s natural for a Cavoodle to sleep after rigorous exercise, how much sleep do Cavoodles sleep on average?

How Long Do Cavoodles Sleep?

Cavoodles sleep for most of the day!

Like all mammals, dogs need a certain amount of rest to be functional throughout the day. This varies from dog to dog, but generally, Cavoodles need most of their day dedicated to rest.

On average, Cavoodles sleep for around 12 hours in a 24 hour day, though this is spread out. Activities such as a walk will often tucker them out, and they will sleep a little more. Even on days that aren’t exciting, dogs will spend a lot of their time at rest.

Different dogs have different requirements

While an adult dog might sleep around 12 hours, puppies will often sleep more, as they expend more energy doing things that puppies do. Playing takes a lot out of a little Cavoodle! Because of this, they can sleep for up to 18 hours in a day.

Likewise, older dogs tend to need more rest to help give them energy throughout the day. However, regardless of age, your Cavoodle will still dream, which means they need lots of room to spread out if necessary!

Can A Cavoodle Sleep Outside

Although Cavoodles are smaller than many dogs they are certainly able to sleep outside. However, keep in mind that like you and I, they also like to be warm at night.

So, if you want to let your Cavoodle sleep outside at night then make sure they have a warm and sheltered bed to sleep in. This may be a kennel or some sort, or similar construction. You will want to line it with a blanket or two so that they can be comfortable and toasty when they sleep.

A tired Cavoodle is a happy Cavoodle

Generally speaking, Cavoodles like to be involved with lots of different activities with you. These activities range from walking to training and everything in between. As a result, you might run through your Cavoodle’s energy stores rather quickly.

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When you get home and your Cavoodle is tuckered out, that usually means they got enough of a workout during the day. Avoid over-training your Cavoodle, because they need the rest between activities to truly be happy.

Let sleeping dogs lie

This should be a given, but when your Cavoodle is asleep, it means they’re out of energy. While they’ll sometimes wake up if you’re moving about in the house, lots of dogs prefer to just stay asleep and regain their energy. It’s a good idea to keep your dogs crate somewhere where they are not likely to be disturbed (they should also be crate trained, regardless of where they sleep).

Get a good bed for your Cavoodle

On the subject of good sleeping places, ensure that your Cavoodle has somewhere comfortable to lay down. Many people choose not to let their Cavoodle on the furniture, which is fine, but your Cavoodle should at least have a bed of their own. No one wants to sleep on the hard floor! Your Cavoodle is a part of the family too, and they need somewhere warm and soft to lay their head.

Older dogs can especially benefit from a good orthopedic bed, and in some cases, such a thing is necessary. Your Cavoodle will love you all the more if you give them some place to feel safe, whether it’s in their crate or on your bed!

It’s important that dogs are well rested for the next fun-filled adventure!

Cavoodles can sleep for most of the day after a long day of walking, playing, and training, which can really take a lot out of a dog.