The 10 Best Things About Owning a Cavoodle

Having a Cavoodle in your life can be rewarding for the both of you, however, there are a few things that you need to know about taking care of this dog breed.

They’re not only easy to care for but they’re also extremely fun to be with. Their adorable looks combined with their pleasing personality make these puppies some of the most lovable pets around.

They’re so cute

There’s no doubt about it. Cavoodles are extremely cute! Puppies can have different appearances based on which breed is most dominant. Nevertheless, they’re all gorgeous. Try ignoring them when they’re looking up at you with their large, round eyes and floppy ears. It’s impossible!

They don’t shed

Most Cavoodles don’t shed. If they do, shedding would be very minimal. That means they are tolerated by people with allergies to dog fur. Even better: they can roll around the couch and you won’t need to keep worrying about vacuuming.

They can live in small spaces

These puppies are very adaptable. They can share a large home but are just as happy in a small apartment. What matters most is having people around them.

They’re easy to please

Cavoodles thrive on attention. They don’t need a lot of fancy toys. Just one or two would do for as long as you’re around to play with them.

They’re super smart

Taking from the genes of their poodle ancestry, Cavoodles are very intelligent dogs. They respond well to training even as very young puppies. They also love being mentally stimulated so they’re always up to learning new things. As their human, training these smart puppies is extremely fun and rewarding.

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They’re great with other pets

Although they sometimes get a little jealous when you focus your attention on others, Cavoodles are actually pretty good with other pets. It takes just a little bit of exposure to socialize them. Then, their affable nature takes over and they’re just as playful and loving to their fellow pets as with you.

They’re great with children

Because these pups tend to look like cuddly toys, children tend to be drawn to them. Thankfully, these puppies are great with children. They’re gentle and patient. Plus, they don’t mind being treated like living stuffed animals for as long as they get attention.

They’re goofy

Any day with a Cavoodle is a fun day. Because they’re such playful and jolly dogs, they tend to be sources of unlimited entertainment. And, because they’re so cute, almost everything they do is entertaining. Plus, they’ll do anything to get your attention.

They’re tolerant of your goofiness

What dog owner isn’t goofy sometimes? But a Cavoodle owner is doubly goofy. These pups are so adorable that it’s hard to put the baby talk and the clowning around to a minimum. The best thing about it is that they never seem to mind.

They’re very affectionate

Cavoodles are very sweet. They’re always happy to be around you and they aren’t afraid to show it. Sometimes, it seems like they’re balls of endless energy. However, most of the time, all they want is to cuddle and get treated to unlimited scratching.

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