Buying Your First Cavoodle Puppy

Cavoodle puppies are hands-down Australia’s most popular breed. However, there are some key things to look for when purchasing your new best friend.

Cavoodles can fetch a high price

Cavoodle puppies are bred to get the most from their parents – a Poodle and a King Charles Spaniel. Because of this, Cavoodles can often run upwards of $5000 AUD to purchase.

Their high price makes them a prime target for breeders and – unfortunately – puppy mills to make a quick dollar. Breeders that claim to sell Cavoodle puppies should be thoroughly researched before purchasing.

Meet your puppy’s parents before purchasing

To ensure that you are getting a true Cavoodle and not a clever look-alike, insist that you are able to meet the Cavoodle parents.

A good breeder will have access to the parents and will have their papers readily available on request.

Cavoodles are a very specific mix of dogs, so it’s up to the buyer to research the breeder to ensure you get what you are paying for!

Finding a Breeder

Cavoodle puppies are in high demand and, as stated above, are quite expensive. This makes them susceptible to being bred in large numbers and sold off for a high-profit margin.

There are a few key things you can do to ensure you’re getting a good quality Cavoodle puppy and not a knock-off.

  • Ask about a Breeder Supply Number. Australian breeders must have a supply number to breed and sell puppies to the public. Without this, they may be operating illegally!
  • Ensure that the puppy is microchipped (if your state requires it). Some states in Australia require that the puppy is micro-chipped before you can legally own the puppy.
  • Additionally, ensure your puppy has had their primary vaccinations.
  • Finally, do not purchase a puppy that is under 8 weeks of age. Puppies need to be socialised with their mother and litter-mates before being sold.
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Cavoodle Health and Wellness

The Cavoodle is prone to a number of health issues, which is partly why you should purchase your Cavoodle puppy from a reputable source.

A pure Cavoodle can suffer from a range of health issues such as hip dysplasia, congenital heart failure, and certain neurological disorders. These are just the risks of buying a dog, but thanks to the Cavoodle’s expanded health pool (from both King Charles Spaniel and Poodle parents), there is less risk of contracting many different afflictions.

A Cavoodle is a great purchase

No matter what way you slice it when you buy a Cavoodle puppy, you are buying a friend for many long years.

Cavoodles typically live for about 13 to 15 years; that’s a great lifespan for such a small dog. In this time, your Cavoodle will be your best friend and loyal companion.

By ensuring you get your Cavoodle puppy from a reputable source, you also ensure the best quality of life for your new friend.