How Many Puppies Are in a Cavoodle’s Litter?

A Cavoodle’s litter size varies from dog to dog, and even from litter to litter. So how many puppies should you expect when your Cavoodle is expecting?

So you’re expecting puppies

Congratulations! Your Cavoodle is pregnant with puppies! Even though they may not be showing yet, you should still prepare yourself and your Cavoodle for the bundle of fluff about to grace your household. A Cavoodle’s litter is a lot of work, and if you know anything about dogs, it pays to be prepared.

Your Cavoodle’s litter may vary in number

Cavoodles, like all dogs, have multiple puppies per litter. This number can be as low as two, or as high as 10, but the average tends to hover around five or six puppies per litter. Additionally, a Cavoodle may start out with 8 or 10 puppies, but when the time comes, they may give birth to fewer.

Going to the vet while your Cavoodle is pregnant will give you a good idea of how many puppies to expect in your Cavoodle’s litter. It will also help to ensure your Cavoodle is healthy for the duration of their pregnancy. If something is amiss, you will know right away.

The joy of pregnancy and the stress of birth

There’s a lot to remember when your Cavoodle is giving birth, and it can be a stressful time for both of you. Be there for your Cavoodle while she gives birth, as long as your presence doesn’t stress them out too much. However, don’t interfere unless absolutely necessary; your Cavoodle’s maternal instincts will take care of the puppies, and you won’t have to do much while she gives birth.

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She will take care of the puppies both immediately after the birth and while they are weaning. You should ensure she has enough water and food that is high in nutrients for milk production. After that, simply keeping her happy and healthy is paramount.

What to do after your Cavoodle gives birth

It is extremely important to take your Cavoodle to a vet after the puppies are born, as you want to make sure the puppies (and the mother!) are healthy after pregnancy. This will also determine if there are any puppies that were left behind during the birthing process. For the most part, this vet visit will be a regular check-up, after which you can head home and help take care of the puppies.

What to expect with a Cavoodle’s litter

Your Cavoodle’s maternal instinct will kick in, and for the most part, she should be able to take care of the puppies by herself. Ensure that she is getting enough nutrients so that she can keep producing milk. Additionally, keep her comfortable and as stress-free as possible. After all, motherhood is no small feat!

Cleaning is going to be a large part of your routine once the puppies arrive. Unfortunately, puppies make a lot of mess, and you are going to need to be there to clean up. Additionally, your Cavoodle mother is also going to need attention and perhaps even a break from the puppies as they get older.

When your Cavoodle is expecting, it pays to be prepared. Cavoodles can have many puppies in their litter. All that’s left is to keep your Cavoodle happy!