South Australia Beaches You Can Take Your Cavoodle

Do you know where your closest dog-friendly beach is in South Australia? If you don’t here are some of the best South Australia beaches you can take your Cavoodle to!

maslin beach

Maslin Beach

Maslin Beach is one of the most beautiful South Australia beaches to visit. This gorgeous beach is 3 kilometers long, making it fantastic for dogs and people alike to frolic in its sands.

There are many attractions that make Maslin famous, such as cliffside recreation, but most people enjoy Maslin for its soft sand and gorgeous water. There is an “unclad” section of the beach, reserved for those who like to live more freely, but this is not necessarily a section you would bring your Cavoodle.

Maslin’s is the perfect beach to take your Cavoodle because of the long walking area and crisp, cool waters. It’s a great place to cool off during a hot summer day, and many visitors say that it’s one of the best South Australia beaches.

O’Sullivan Beach

Located south of Adelaide, O’Sullivan beach is the perfect beach in South Australia to visit with your Cavoodle. The beautiful blue water is inviting, and it’s not too terribly crowded. There’s lots of space for you and your Cavoodle to run, walk, and play all day long!

O’Sullivan is an off-leash beach, which means you are perfectly free to let your Cavoodle run amok whenever you visit. Be respectful, clean up after yourself, but most of all, have fun!

Grange Beach

Grange Beach is a hotel destination, so naturally, it’s expected to be very pretty. This beach definitely does not disappoint; enjoy long, scenic walks along the shore with the lovely water in full view.

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This beach can get a little crowded at times, especially during the busy months, but it’s still a great beach to relax on. When bringing your Cavoodle, you should keep it on the leash during the Daylight Savings period, as is typically standard for beaches in the area.

long beach

Long Beach

If you’re looking for a long beach to walk your Cavoodle, look no further than Long Beach near Adelaide. Aptly named because of its 12 kilometer stretch of shoreline, Long Beach is one of the best South Australia beaches to go if you like sand, water, and fishing.

One of the attractions Long Beach has over other South Australia beaches is the option for fishing. There are many different fish that can be caught here, such as salmon, mullet, and snapper. Take your Cavoodle, or take the family, the world is your oyster!

Tennyson Beach

Tennyson Beach is perfect for taking your Cavoodle for a leisurely stroll. The area is well known for its vibrant ecosystem, picturesque scenery, and of course the refreshing water. Visit Tennyson if you want a calmer beach experience with your Cavoodle.

The Tennyson Dunes are an important part of the Adelaide ecosystem, and as such, they are very well protected. Keep your Cavoodle on a leash, and you’ll have a great time walking along the shores.

These are only a few of the dog-friendly South Australia beaches; there is no shortage of fun to be had by the water if you know where to look.

These beaches are great for getting fit, or just relaxing with your Cavoodle.