How to Groom Your Cavoodle

Cavoodles are generally low-care dogs that don’t need a lot to be happy. However, you do need to groom your Cavoodle to keep their coat looking its best.

Bathe your Cavoodle

The first step to groom your Cavoodle is to bathe them. Cleaning their coat gets rid of oils and dirt that are stuck in your Cavoodles fur. Not bathing your Cavoodle first may make grooming more difficult later down the road, as it can build up to mats and tangles.

A matted coat is one where the fur has gotten stuck and clumped together, usually because of improper grooming techniques. This can range from uncomfortable to downright painful for your Cavoodle, so a proper grooming schedule is a must to keep them happy.

Brush, brush, brush!

Once your Cavoodle has been bathed, it’s time to dry off and begin the task of brushing them down from head to tail. Using the right brush for your Cavoodles coat will make everything easier; in many cases, this would be a wire brush.

When grooming your Cavoodle, you want to start at one end of your dog and work your way up their body. This minimizes tangles and will make the process much smoother.

You can start with their back legs, gently brushing down in small increments. Work out the tangles as best you can, and then continue working up. Be very careful brushing around their face, as no one wants to get a stray brush bristle in the eye.

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Trim if Necessary

Cavoodles can have either long and silky coats or shorter and curlier ones. Whatever kind of fur your dog has, it’s a good idea to keep hair away from the eyes. Eye hair impedes vision, makes it hard for your Cavoodle to see, and in very extreme cases, can cause irritation or injury to your pooch. If you aren’t confident with trimming your Cavoodle, take it to the groomer and have it professionally done.

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What if my Cavoodle gets matted fur?

Matted fur is never fun to deal with, but thankfully, there’s a relatively simple solution to mats at home. You will need a de-matting comb, some gloves, and a whole lot of patience – both with yourself and with your Cavoodle.

Using the de-matting brush, start working through the matted patch of fur slowly and carefully as if you were brushing through a stubborn tangle. If your Cavoodle gets fussy or fidgety, let them take a break. After all, having your fur tugged on constantly is rather annoying! Once they have calmed down, you can try again. And remember, give them a treat for being patient with you!

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Nail-trimming also counts as Grooming

Don’t forget to trim your puppy’s nails! This is a very important activity that should not be overlooked. Take a claw trimmer (NOT a regular nail trimmer – these can deform the claws) and very carefully cut away from the quick of the nail. The quick being the pink vessel that runs into your dog’s nail.

If your dog has black nails, simply trim a little bit at a time, and stop once the very tip of the nail has been cut away. When you groom your Cavoodle, you are not only taking care of them, you are also strengthening your bond.

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Groom regularly to give them the healthiest coat possible!