Dog Friendly Beaches in Perth, Western Australia

If you are wondering where the best beach in Perth are to take your dog for a walk, look no further!

You can take your Cavoodle for a walk around one of these dog-friendly beaches in Perth, Western Australia.

Peasholm dog beach, Perth

Peasholm is a large dog beach that offers plenty of space for dogs to run around. The water is cool and blue, perfect for swimming. The large beach offers fun for people and dogs, and it ensures that there isn’t any overcrowding.

One of the best things about this beach is the soft white sand, perfect for sinking puppy paws in. It can get a bit hot in the summer, but that’s why there is plenty of water. If you get too hot, you can always go for a swim!

bennion dog beach

Bennion Dog Beach Trigg, Perth

Bennion dog beach Trigg is a smaller beach around Perth, though no less exciting for Cavoodles and their owners. The cool water and the white sand is perfect for running, and there’s enough room for you to throw a ball for your Cavoodle.

The major downside is it is a small beach; much more so than other beaches on this list. However, that will not be too much of an issue if you come during non-peak hours.

Secret Harbour Dog Beach, Perth

This is a great little beach for a day with the family. It features a sandy beach and lots of water to play in. There’s plenty of room for dogs of all shapes and sizes, which means overcrowding is never a problem. Plus, it’s a very good family beach as well.

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There is plenty of parking, which means you can still enjoy yourself even if you come during the peak hours of this beach.

quinns beach

Quinns Dog Beach, Perth

Finally, Quinns dog beach is a great beach to go to in Perth if you don’t like crowds. There’s lots of space to run around, and plenty of water to play in. The beach can get crowded, especially during the summer. However, if you go during the offseason, it’s not as bad.

One of the best things about this beach is it is very clean, which makes it lovely to walk along.

When choosing dog beaches in Western Australia, there are plenty of great beaches to take your Cavoodle to.

South Fremantle dog beach

Dog-friendly beaches in Perth and surrounds are plentiful, but South Fremantle is one of the best dog beaches to take your Cavoodle. It isn’t a huge beach, but there’s more than enough room for your Cavoodle to run around. Plus, there are many other dogs that frequent this beach, so your pooch will feel right at home.

The company here is often mixed; you have good dogs and less socialized dogs, but you will often experience this with every beach you go to. Make sure your Cavoodle listens to voice commands and you’ll have a great time here.

Walking your Cavoodle regularly, even if it’s to the beach, is a great way to care for your Cavoodle in the long run.