Dog Friendly Beaches Around New South Wales

Are you considering walking your Cavoodle around different places in New South Wales? We’ve compiled a handy list of featured dog-friendly beaches that you’re able to travel to!

Greenhills beach

Greenhills Beach

Greenhills Beach is one of the quieter dog-friendly beaches in New South Wales. Located just outside of Sydney, this unpatrolled beach destination is an off-lead, dog-friendly beach for you and your Cavoodle. Dogs are allowed off-lead after 4 pm, which is awesome for after-work walks. Greenhills Beach is three kilometers in length, making it one of the longest beaches in the Syndey area.

Silver beach

Located near Kurnell, Silver Beach has an off-lead dog area that allows you to walk your Cavoodle freely. While dogs are allowed at all hours of the day, there is a specific area where your Cavoodle is allowed off-leash. The off-lead dog section is pretty restricted, but it’s much better than not having your dog on the beach at all! You can even go for a quick swim; the water is absolutely wonderful for it.

Hams Beach

About 130 km out from Syndey is Hams beach, a wonderful dog-friendly beach that also allows you and your Cavoodle to roam free. There are also plenty of caves to poke into and explore. Your Cavoodle will love the open spaces and the smells to sniff! As far as off-leash dog beaches go, this is definitely a top choice!

Perkins beach

Perkins Beach

Another off-leash dog park, Perkins beach near Wollongong is a great place to exercise your Cavoodle! There are plenty of other dogs running around; it’s a fantastic area to socialize and meet other dog enthusiasts too. Additionally, there is no time frame for when you can and cannot take your Cavoodle.

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Manly Beach

Manly Beach is well known for being a dog-friendly destination, and for good reason! It is an off-leash dog beach, meaning your Cavoodle will have plenty of fun running around in and out of the water. Though it isn’t recommended that people go for a swim in Manly Lagoon, however dogs are more than welcome to beat the heat in the water.

North Shelly Beach

This beach is also a 24-hour dog beach, allowing canines all over to run free at all hours of the day. Shelly beach is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in New South Wales because it is open to dogs 24/7. This timing makes it different from many other beaches in the New South Wales region, as some (like Greenhills beach) have specific times. Plus, Shelly beach is just a gorgeous destination for you and your dog, and it’s close by Manly as well.

Horseshoe Beach

Dogs of all sizes are welcome to this beach near Newcastle. Your Cavoodle will have a blast running and playing with the multitude of other dogs here. Like North Shelly beach, this is open to dogs all the time, so there’s never a problem with schedules. In conclusion, the gorgeous scenery and soft sand make this dog beach a top choice among pet owners.

There are additionally many more dog-friendly beaches in New South Wales, why not start taking your Cavoodle to some of our featured beaches!