Does Your Cavoodle Need to Be Trained as a Puppy?

Cavoodles are a designer breed that makes a great family pet and they have a sweet disposition, are eager to please, and are also highly intelligent.

These traits make the Cavoodle a desirable addition to the family. However, should you train your Cavoodle as a puppy?

This is a question that many people ask themselves. After all, they’re great family pets as they are, right?

These sweet dogs have a lot of energy. Like many other high-energy/high-intelligence dog breeds, they need to be both mentally and physically stimulated.

Cavoodles that don’t receive the mental stimulation of training are more likely to pick up bad habits, such as chewing on furniture or tearing up the yard. A great way to keep your Cavoodle entertained is through constant training.

Training keeps your Cavoodle happy and healthy

The best way to keep your Cavoodle puppy occupied, and away from your furniture legs is to train them.

Cavoodles thrive on human interaction, and by training them, you supply them with the attention they crave. Training your Cavoodle gives them something to focus on, which carries over into their adult life.

By training your Cavoodle as a puppy, you begin to instill positive behaviours as well as reaffirming your relationship with your furry friend.

Additionally, the high intelligence of Cavoodles means training them is relatively simple. With positive reinforcement and a little patience, training your Cavoodle puppy is a fairly straightforward process.

Cavoodles live to please their owners, which makes this method optimal for training.

While training your Cavoodle, be sure to give them lots of praise. This lets your puppy know that they’re doing what you want them to do. Such behaviours are more likely to be repeated in the future, as well.

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What sort of training does a Cavoodle need?

Cavoodles will absorb anything and everything! From tricks to good behaviour, a Cavoodle can be trained to do almost anything.

A good first practice for Cavoodle owners may be to start crate training their puppy.
Crate training gives your Cavoodle their own space to go to when they feel scared or frightened. It also makes it easier to transport your Cavoodle when it’s time to go to the vet.

Teaching your Cavoodle commands such as sit and stay may also be a great first step in training your Cavoodle puppy.

Once your Cavoodle knows the basics, you can begin to teach them more complex tasks.
Advanced training is something that will definitely keep their mind occupied!

Should you train your Cavoodle puppy?

Absolutely. The Cavoodle is very easy to train with enough patience, and can even take on jobs like being a service dog.

Cavoodles are incredibly loyal, and live to please their owners. That eagerness, coupled with their intelligence as a breed makes for a very smart puppy.

Training your Cavoodle puppy makes them a much happier dog in adulthood.

In conclusion, train your Cavoodle puppy to get the most out of your relationship with them!