How Much do Cavoodle Puppies Eat?

Cavoodle puppies need lots of food to stay healthy, but not many people know how much is appropriate for their dog. Today, we’ll explain how much Cavoodle puppies should eat. Read on to get insights into the nutrition of dogs.

Pick food appropriate for your Cavoodle

How much do Cavoodle puppies eat? To find this out, usually, the best place to start is on the dog food bag. Dog food is labeled for specific dog breeds, and sometimes within those breeds are the different life stages for a dog. Cavoodles are classed as small dogs, so generally, you will be looking for dog food that is specially marked for smaller dogs. This is especially true when your Cavoodle grows up and eats this food every day.

However, for a Cavoodle puppy, it’s a little different. Puppies need special puppy food to ensure they are still getting all the nutrients that they need while they grow up. As your Cavoodle grows, their food selection will change with them.

A regular feeding schedule is a must

Cavoodles, and dogs in general, are animals that thrive on routine. If your schedule is to wake up, feed the dog, and then go for a walk, you might find that your Cavoodle gets confused if you switch “walk the dog” with “read the paper”. Because of your Cavoodle’s need for a routine, try to keep feeding times around the same time each day.

Small Cavoodle Puppies

Puppies need to be fed more often

Cavoodle puppies should be fed three times a day with puppy food that meets their dietary requirements (more protein, etc). This is due to their higher metabolisms, which means they go through their caloric intake much faster than an older dog. As your Cavoodle gets older, you can reduce the number of feedings to twice a day.

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Dog food is distributed by weight

How much should you feed your Cavoodle puppy? It depends on how much they weigh! Generally, most dog foods will have a rough guideline that will tell you how much to feed your Cavoodle puppy. Feed as the guideline suggests, as it is a good starting point especially for younger puppies. As the dog gets older, these guidelines become a little more inaccurate.

If you aren’t sure, your veterinarian will have a better idea of how much to feed your Cavoodle, as well as what food works best for their dietary needs. The vet’s word will take priority over the back of the dog food package, so always listen to what your vet suggests!

Cavoodle Lying in Grass

Let your Cavoodle rest after a meal

Don’t take your Cavoodle on walks too soon after a meal. It may cause stomach upset, which isn’t very pleasant to have to deal with. A good rest of 30 minutes to an hour should be more than enough time for your puppy to feel okay to walk. This time differs with each dog, so keep this in mind when planning any exciting activity with your Cavoodle.

Cavoodle puppies can eat quite a lot, but too much isn’t good for them.

By following the instructions given to you by a vet, you can be sure you’ll have a happy, healthy Cavoodle puppy!